Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bobbi Brown Cheek Palette- Berry

I may have went a bit Bobbi-crazy a couple of months ago when these colors came out (I already reviewed the shockingly bright Art Sticks and have yet to show you the corresponding sheer lip colors). I was just so happy to see a Bobbi Brown collection that was not all about the beige, and I still have some all-time favorite blushes from older Bobbi palettes (remember Mauve?). So I picked the Berry palette (there's also one called Pink) and I'm not sure it was the wisest choice ever.

As the Bobbi Brown site declares, the Berry palette is for "Anyone with a dark skin tone who wants a fresh, healthy-looking glow.". My skin has that true green Mediterranean undertone, but in terms of actual coloring it's more in the sickly category, as I zealously guard it from the sun. As a result, the bright pink shade on the right gains a neon quality on my skin that requires the fluffiest of brushes and a fairy-like touch to blend it to an acceptable level. The texture of the color in this pan is super buttery and easy to work with, so it's not too complicated, but it can too much too quickly if I'm not being careful.

The darker berry shade is not as texturally desirable: it's dryer and harder to the touch. But the color itself, despite the pigment's intensity is somewhat dustier and more muted, thus easier for me to wear (again, judiciously). It's the one I see myself actually making a dent in the pan. Unlike the two matte blushes, the middle shade is shimmery and is supposed to be a highlighter. But again, the palette was clearly designed with dark skin in mind, so this is more of a midsummer golden bronzer with the sheen and sparkle you'd want on a vacation. It's pretty, it's flattering in its own way, but the texture is stiffer and grittier than I'd prefer. On the upside, it doesn't crumble under the brush or kicks any product around, so the matte blushes remain untainted by its shimmer.

Bobbi Brown suggest layering the colors and/or spiking them with the "highlighter". The need for careful blending makes this idea a bit too much for my particular skin tone, but I can definitely see how it would work for someone with a rich and beautiful skin color. I use them one at a time, blending with a small Yachiyo brush or the tip of the Hakuhodo S103. I still wish for more luxurious textures, but it gets the work done.

Bottom Line: I might have overreached my color limits here.

Bobbi Brown Cheek Palette- Berry ($45) is available at the counters and online from


  1. For a hot minute I wanted the berry but then I thought I may just be too fair so I bought the Pink. Definitely the pink is better on my fair skin which runs neutral, maybe a touch warm. Sometimes her products are not as good as they could be but I was surprised how pigmented these were on my skin, the darker shade needs a light touch.

  2. Pretty colors, but as I am pale, I would never consider buying something that is described as being for a "dark skin tone". I'm surprised you did...

  3. I bought the Calypso palette and love it. I usually wear pink blushes but wanted to branch out. I am sorry that the berry palette is disappointing.

  4. Love all of Bobbi's makeup. I have so much and spent a fortune when she had 20% off her website. I bought my stash at Nordstrom, as I love Norton and they price-matched. I tried these blushes, and really want to buy them as they seem way more pigmented then her single blush that I own, but my budget didn't allow it. I also gave about ten pink blushes already! I might pick the pink trio at the end of May to add to my already busting make up drawer!


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