Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick Mademoiselle #434

I'll be the first one to admit that Chanel has kind of lost me over the last eighteen months or so. Too many collections, too frequent reformulation, and in general: too much. I can't really fault them, though. Everyone is doing that, and in most cases Chanel quality is still up there. But I developed that kind of beauty blogger fatigue that causes one to not order six new lipsticks with every launch.

 But as jaded as I am, the newly tweaked Chanel Rouge Coco lipsticks are incredibly appealing, as I discovered when a dear dear friend gave me Mademoiselle #434 as a gift. The formula has never been creamier and more comfortable, and the pigment is incredibly rich and vibrant even in a mostly neutral shade such as Mademoiselle. I seem to recall the original incarnation of this color, and it was not as successful on my darker than average lips. This Mademoiselle, though? She's my lips but far far better.

As you can see on the arm swatch, the base of this color is rather warm. However, my own lips have a noticeable purple rose natural pigment, so the two balance each other and become my go-to lipstick for just about any occasion when I don't wear red (it happens). Moisture level is high, there's no pooling in the tiny scar on my lower lip, and the fact that Rouge Coco is not meant to last past a snack or the four hour mark don't bother me in the least. There's always been something to be said for taking out an elegant Chanel lipstick from your purse and carefully reapplying.

Bottom Line: I guess now I'll have to buy #446 Etienne.


  1. Man, Chanel has been *bringing* it the past couple of seasons and I've really been enjoying it! A selection of the products, of course. I love the new Rouge Coco formulation; it is so much more comfortable to wear, yet the finish and wear time have not been compromised. I've bought 3, but Mademoiselle does not work on my skin tone.

  2. I bought one (Edith) and tried Mademoiselle at the counter. The fact that I left it behind caused immediate regret, and consequently it is now on my purchase list. Soon, hopefully!

  3. I have had this colour in the old and New lipsticks and I have to say the colour is a little bit different (new is a touch warmer to me ) but still lovely! I have always liked the old formula but the new is great on me too !
    As for all the releases Chanel and other companies are bringing out - especially the ones marked "Limited Edition" ... Rrrrr greedy! I do not buy limited edition ...... makes me mad and its my little protest ! LOL

  4. I really like this formulation much more than the original which was a little drying on me. I did pick up Etienne which I love - it looks plummy on me or something along those lines, whatever it is, it's a great color. :)

  5. I have been a little irked by the constant roll out of new collections by Chanel and Dior and the rest. But I have to admit I do like the formulation of the new Rouge Cocos.

  6. As everyone else has said, I prefer this new Rouge Coco formulation to the original. Same goes for Mademoiselle: I bought it (sight unseen) in the original formula and while I put it on a few times, I always immediately wiped it off because the color was just wrong for me. The new version works much better with my coloring. I also bought Cecile and Maggy, both of which I adore. I used to be a bit baffled when people talked about how much they loved the Rouge Coco formulation; with this latest iteration, I get it.


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