Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Ellis Faas- On The Edge Of Beauty (Book Review)

What a disappointment!

I was incredibly excited about On the Edge of Beauty, the new book by Ellis Faas. I've been a long time admirer of her work, her products, and her approach to makeup and beauty, and I admit to also having a girl crush after meeting Ellis Faas in person. So what could be better than a book depicting and describing her artistry?

On the Edge of Beauty is not that book. The photos are gorgeous, but if you're an Ellis Faas fan chances are that you've already seen most of them. They're on her website (look under "Visuals"), and some of them were released as promos for various makeup product launches or for special events (such as the coronation of King Willem-Alexander of the Nederlands) . I wouldn't have minded the redundancy had there actually been any content accompanying them, but there's none. Absolutely nothing.

The only bits of text in On the Edge of Beauty are the promotional statements that appear in press releases and on the website: "The only red is Ellis Red", "Only tested on supermodels", and the stuff you see above. There are no look breakdowns of the work, no explanations of the techniques used, and not a single essay on Ellis Faas' approach to beauty, edginess, or her own artistry. Basically, the book is a compilation of pre-released images and marketing slogans from the website. It's not a makeup book, and the smallish paperback format (64 pages) prevents it from being a proper album. It's a brochure, I guess, that goes nicely with the makeup products, but it lacks any educational value whatsoever, which is a shame. Such a missed opportunity!

Bottom Line: don't bother even if you're a die-hard Ellis Faas fan.

 Ellis Faas- On The Edge Of Beauty  ($20) is available from


  1. Such a pity! It is true that it could have been an amazing resource but it seems that it is more of a coffee table book

  2. Oh boo! It had the potential to be such a fun and informative read...


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