Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Lancome Color Design Cream Blush (Petticoat Pink)

I'm still on a cream blush kick, so I decided to go back to Lancome, my first non-powder blush love. It's been a long time since they discontinued their mousse blush and replaced it with the Color Design cream formula, which is more dense, of course, but almost as easy to spread and blend.

Petticoat Pink is supposedly a sheer color, but it's quite intensely pigmented. I use only a dab is enough to get a healthy glow in a natural looking pink . You can apply as much or as little as suits you and blend it either with your finger or with a synthetic brush (I like the angled brush from Alison Raffaele). I like that Color Design is a no-shimmer formula and it doesn't shine. The staying power is definitely superior to the old mousse formula and is comparable to a traditional powder blush. I use it over my foundation and under a finishing powder, so it lasts all day long, though I do see some fading- it becomes less pink as the hours go by.

Lancome Color Design Cream Blush ($27) is available from every department store. I don't see Petticoat Pink on the company's website so it might be phased out, but Neiman Marcus lists it online and it's available from many counters.

All photos by me.

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