Thursday, December 03, 2015

Kjaer Weis Fall/Winter 2015 Collection

Kjaer Weis Fall/Winter 2015 Collection includes just three items, but they're enough to create a distinct seasonal look. In the pan all colors appear very autumnal and intense, but the light textures make them more versatile (and buildable) than one might guess.

I'll start with what I consider the weakest link, Kjaer Weis eye shadow in Transcend is a classic cool dark brown. It's a good color, but not particularly unique, and the texture is harder than I would have liked (the texture and firmness of Kjaer Wies eye shadows varies between colors). I recommend a small and rather stiff brush that can collect the product with relatively little mess and deposit it with precision along the lashes.

I love each and every one of the Kjaer Wies cream blushes I have. Unlike the foundation, they do not contain coconut oil, so those who share my allergy can use it safely. The texture is easy to work with and can be as sheered as you'd like or intensified. Above & Beyond is a beautiful bright coral, far less neon on skin than in the pan, and brings life to pale and sallow winter skin. If I had to pick only one item from the collection this would be it.

That's not to say that the sheer lip tint in Captivate is not a good choice. It is. Especially for those reluctant to fully embrace the return of brown lip colors. The brick coppery shade looks scary in the pan, but this is a very sheer formula that works more like a tinted balm or a rich gloss. I adore this feel-good texture that pampers the lips, and I love the option it gives to carefully indulge in the color trend without fully committing. I'll have to create a look using all three products, and I promise you there'll be no mistaking me for Kylie Jenner.

Bottom Line: get the blush and lip tint, skip the shadow.

Kjaer Weis fall/winter 2015 collection is made in Italy and includes eye shadow in Transcend ($27 for the refill you see above, or $45 if you get the sleek compact), Above & Beyond cream blush ($32 refill, $56 for full presentation), and Captivate ($29 refill or $49 with the case). As much as I love the full presentation in the Mark Atlan designed cases I have to admit that getting the refills and sticking them in a Z Palette makes a lot more sense, especially for travel (the Kjaer Weis packaging is quite heavy). You can purchase the makeup directly from or by phone from Osswald NYC. I highly recommend calling Josie at 212-625-3111 (even if you're like me and HATE talking on the phone) and consult with her on the best colors and combinations that will suit you. She's also a wiz at application and will guide you safely.

The products for this review were sent by the brand's PR.

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