Thursday, December 31, 2015

NARS NARSissist L'amour Toujours Eyeshadow Palette

Today's the release date of the  NARSissist L'amour Toujours Eyeshadow Palette. It's one of the most versatile NARS releases I can think of. Twelve eye shadows, all new and unique to this palette, ranging from the most basic neutrals to bright, from matte to complex shimmer, and in two pan sizes: the four everyday colors are larger (3.2g), while the eight other eye shadows come in typical palette size (1.5g). The overall feel of the  NARSissist L'amour Toujours Eyeshadow Palette is cool toned, but there are just enough options there to warm up the eye look when desired.

The textures vary greatly. The mattes for the most part are silky and almost fluid, while the shimmery ones are the familiar NARS tight-pressed and slightly hard that holds together through constant heavy use, requires a flat dense brush and looks true to the pan on the lid. Pigment saturation is top notch, and the possibilities for mixing, layering, topping NARS liners and cream shadows give me a good creative kick. I also think that this is an excellent starting to pint for someone new to NARS eye shadows. It gives you the basics and more.

Here's what you get, numbered from top left on the palette itself, and swatched according to the rows:

I -    Cream Bisque (matte)
II -   Shimmering Pink Sand
III -  Amethyst Ash (shimmer taupe with a hint of purple)
IV -  Black Truffle (black matte)
V -   Golden Starlight (light gold, plain and simple)
VI -  Sunburst Copper
VII - Café Au Lait (wonderful matte taupy brown)
VIII -Pistol Grey (with decidedly green shimmer)
IX -  Industrial Steel (like the one above, only leans blue)
X -   Regal Blue (matte, with my name all over it)
XI -  Shimmering Taupe Cashmere (kind of a satin, really)
XII - Shimmering Licorice

I love these colors. I was a bit apprehensive at first swatch since NARS texture tends to be denser than some of the new palette we've seen lately, but there's a reason these are makeup artists' favorite, and performance ends up to be fantastic. All the shades are useful and easy to wear (I am a blue eye shadow fiend), and the possibility this well-made and sturdy palette offers are many. Is it a must-have? It depends on your attachment to NARS eye shadows and the likelihood you'll use a(nother) palette (how many have you bought in the last two months?) . I'd suggest you look at your collection, assess the number of neutrals vs. blue, are you about to hit pan on a taupe or a sandy color? Do you need a no-brainer ever morning palette that takes the guessing out yet offers enough versatility? If all of the above rings a bell then it's hard to do better than this NARS NARSissist palette.

Bottom Line: love at second swatch.

NARS NARSissist L'amour Toujours Eyeshadow Palette ($59, made in Italy) is available starting today on It was sent to me for review free of charge.

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  1. Just want to wish you a wonderful 2016 !!!!

    *The colours of the palette are lovely ... will look for it when it comes to Oz. :)


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