Monday, February 08, 2016

Want: Bliss Lau Suspension Ring

I suspect that I'm not going to find this ring under the Valentine's Day tree, but from the second I saw it in an email newsletter (Bliss Lau a jeweler worth following) I've been in lust. The inspiration for the ring was the cables holding and suspending the Brooklyn Bridge, which is very appealing. Of course, it makes me wish for a jewelry line inspired by the GW Bridge, the one that leads the way to my part of Jersey, but we all know that Brooklyn is immensely more trendy. Whatever. Bliss Lau has created something worth coveting.

$420 in sterling silver. via


  1. Have a slight obsession (understatement) for interesting rings and this one is amazing. Am also always on the lookout for unusual cuffs and adore the Marquise cuffs on the website (but came near sobbing when I clicked on one and saw the price...won't be happening). Brilliant designs. And now near the top of my list of sites to go to when we win that elusive lottery.

    1. My lottery shopping spree will be the stuff of legends for generations to come. I'm usually obsessed with vintage, but unique emerging designers are another weakness. They won't find us at Zales ;)

  2. So beautiful, and would be just as interesting made into a bracelet. We can dream of things for under the Valentine's Day...tree? :)

    1. Evelyn, I can dream of stuff under the Purim tree, the Easter tree, the Fourth of July tree... Just name it.


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