Monday, February 08, 2016

FOTD: Makeup For A Red Dress

Not the best representation of the makeup itself, but I like this photo because it's very me.

This makeup look was born on the spot, out of necessity. I had something else in mind, but at the last minute chose to wear a bright red dress (DVF cashmere wrap) and a bold gold tone fashion necklace (vintish Cecile et Jeanne). The sapphire blue liner had to be re-shelved in favor of something more subtle. Since Lancôme Mes Incontournables de Parisienne is still available from Lancome UK and some other European sources (rumor also has it that if you call Nordstrom customer service they might be able to find them at a couple of stores), I thought it was a good opportunity to show how I wear this beauty, as well as what to do with the shimmer cubes if you're one of the magpies who just had to have them.

I did a glycolic peel three days prior, so things could have been smoother that day, but whatever. A girl's gotta burn her face with various acids.
Smashbox Oil Primer.
Armani Maestro Glow (the brand new foundation) in 5.5. I'm still testing it, but at least the color match is excellent.
Ellis Faas Concealer (S204) where needed.
NARS Light Reflecting Powder (the loose version, recently repurchased. Again.).

You see? The most simple color placement ever.

Benefit Air Patrol eye primer from a sample, simply because it was there in front of me. It's alright.
By Terry Misty Rock Ombre Blackstar all over the lid. Some got into the crease because I was looking in the regular mirror slightly further away from me to see the overall color effect, and I wasn't wearing glasses. It turned out well.
From Lancôme Mes Incontournables de Parisienne palette: the highlighter on the brow bone (with an angled eye contour brush), and the three lighter eye shadows in a very simple placement: the matte (top left) blended in the crease, the rich brown (top right) on the lid, more heavily on the outer part, the bright shimmer packed with a small flat brush in the middle of the lid, everything carefully blended with a very old Chanel brush.
By Terry Eyeliner pen in a long- discontinued dark gray color. Most brands have something similar, and a dark brown would have worked just as well.
Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara.

I started with the eye brow powders in the lancome palette, mixing the two lightest shades, decided it was still somehow too dark, added Anastasia Brow Definer (the new one) in Medium Brown, and combed most of it away with a spoolie, a bit too vigorously, as is evident in some of the photos before I fixed the shape.

I used the blush from the Lancome palette, but was a bit distracted, so I forgot it was a cream blush and dipped a Hakuhodo B512BkSl angled brush (squirrel and goat) into the pan. I really liked the even and diffused result, even if the brush needed to be washed pronto. Or at least right after I used it to also swirl over the shimmer cubes and swipe as a highlighter on top of the cheeks. I think it looks subtle and not glittery and crazy.

Lipstick Queen Pink Bluff  topped with Urban Decay 1993. It takes away the harsh matte brown of the Urban Decay while still giving that neutral and almost austere look.

Scent of the evening was Viktoria Minya Hedonist (original). My coat closet still smells of it, and it's a very good thing.


  1. The eye shadow in the close up shot is incredible. Absolute perfection. All the photos were great, but especially liked the second - you've got such a wonderful smile. And you've made me think that I need to start experimenting more with layering lipsticks.

    1. Thank you, dear Anna. Layering lip products is fun and allows me to get the colors and textures just right. It's also a good way to rationalize a large and varied collection.

  2. Nice! I was so curious about those cubes.

    Here in my corner of the world, we haven't got the spring collections yet. I swear the stores in my town are always the last in the planet to get new collections! Well, the up side is that I get to see everything in action before making my purchase ;)

    1. The cubes are another proof that Lisa Eldridge can sell me almost anything. They're adorable and will thrill every highlighting obsessed makeup person. The rest of the world will make fun of us.

  3. Replies
    1. It really works, and as a result my 1993 has been getting a lot more use than one would think. It also goes well with the chubby Rimmel pencils.

  4. Oh, Gaia! I think the second picture of you with that radiant smile has captured out hearts. You look lovely!

    1. Thank you, Eileen. Your support and encouragement mean the world to me.


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