Thursday, February 25, 2016

FOTD Featuring Mostly Burberry Makeup

This photo was taken with flash, trying to see if I could get the highlighter to show up more clearly. Obviously, I'm still doing this wrong.

Midweek date night is a time for a silky top and skinny black jeans. Also: lots of highlighter because I wanted to show you the limited edition Burberry one in action. But as we've already asserted, I tend to use a very light hand with face products. I was also lazy when taking the photos and didn't set up the reflector. So what you see is more of a general glow, which I actually think is a good thing. Because of the new highlighter I decided to use Burberry products wherever possible. Fans of the brand know that there have been several changes to the product lineup. They've switched manufacturing facilities, tinkered with the formulas of some (all? most?) of the products, switched the color numbers, and discontinued several shades. Right now they seem to be in the middle of a major foundation upheaval. The stores seem out of everything, so I guess something new is coming. In any case, Sephora seems to have the most complete range of products, at least online, and to receive any new products first.

Smashbox Oil Primer
Burberry Sheer Luminous Foundation 05 Trench applied with Artis Oval 08
Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Concealer Beige #6 under the eyes. The texture is very silicony and I think it was made mostly for those who do the huge concealer triangle under the eyes. It takes a few minutes to set.
Other unsightlies were covered with Cle de Peau stick concealer in Almond.
Shiseido Translucent Loose Powder

Urban Decay Anti-aging eye primer
Burberry Eye Colour Cream in Mink 102 all over the lid and blended outward and upward.
Burberry Sheer Eye Shadows:
Burberry Eye Definer Eye Shaping Pencil in Midnight Blue along the lashes and in between them, smudged all over the place. I was reminded why the pencil I have is still almost new. Compared to all the wonderful gel pencils available even at the drugstore, a stiff and waxy pencil has no excuse.
Bobbi Brown Smoky Eye Mascara (both Bobbi Brown products I used were samples that came with a Sephora GWP).

Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Definer in Medium Brown

Burberry Light Glow Natural Blush 05 Blossom
Burberry Nude Gold Highlighter Spring/Summer 2016 Runway Palette

Burberry Lip Mist in 205 Rosy Red (discontinued. Use instead one of the new Burberry Kisses lipsticks, Pomegranate Pink #41 looks pretty similar). I pushed the color into the lips with a brush in tow coats for better longevity through dinner.
Rimmel 1000 Kisses lip liner in Indian Pink 004, a color that seems to work with many reddish lipsticks, probably because of my natural dark lip color. It's very forgiving.

Finishing Touches
What's left of my old Burberry Sheer Summer Glow from summer 2012 applied lightly with the large and fluffy Hakuhodo Kokutan finishing brush. Your favorite Guerlain Meteorites would work just as well.

Other Stuff
Top by DVF
Vintage earrings (thank you, again, dear Lawrence)
SotD: Salome by Papillon Artisan Perfume. The husband wore the mysterious Aeon 001 (a few bottles of this indolic vetiver are still available at Luckyscent).


  1. First of all: Another WINNING look...applause! Second: You're fortunate to be able to have mid-week date nights(where'd y'all go?). Third: Can I ask you a make-up question? I have very, very dark under-eye circles. I use either Cle de Peau stick concealer or Estee Lauder Double Wear Double Coverage Camouflage Makeup, both used in the well-blended triangle you mentioned. Both look awful because they cake up in my little wrinkles. Forgot to mention that I use Hourglass Veil primer first. Do you think the Bobbi Brown you mentioned above might be the answer? Covering the darkness is the prime concern, with the ugly caking coming in a close second. THANKS...if you have the time to give a teeny bit of advice. P.S. As always, continuing to LOVE your blog.

  2. We had dinner at Gato (, one of our favorite restaurants. Their cauliflower is to die for, and we had a divine cheesecake made of fromage blanc. It's my catnip.

    As for under-eye circles... Oy. I can only talk from my perspective and experience, so not sure how helpful it's going to be, but I'll try. First, not all dark circles are created evenly. Mine are a result of face structure. If you look at my photos you can see that my eyes are sunken about half an inch deep into my skull. I looked this way as a toddler and a little girl, so I can't even blame aging. Can you imagine? A 5 year old with Larry King eyes? To be even more specific, my cheek bones don't do the nice thing of sticking out to the side, making the face appear chiseled. Instead, they protrude straight ahead, creating that extra shadow under the eye. So I can't exactly cover it up the way someone who hasn't slept well should be able to do.
    My method is using a highlighting product (Touche Eclat and its equivalents) or a do a gentle color correcting (Armani). In any case, regular concealers are too dry on thin under eye skin and tend to cake, emphasize skin texture, and look crappy in general. That includes my beloved Cle de Peau, which I only use to cover blemishes or even out the color around the nose or chin. I can't even imagine let EL Double Wear anywhere around my eyes. I suspect it's meant for much younger skin. There are a few classic concealers that are kinder to that area and can work in that triangle thing: Ellis Faas, Armani (the corrector's sibling), and Clinique Airbrush Concealer. The new serum concealers seem to be the perfect answer, though, because the silicone makes them glide over the skin and create a smooth surface. There's no caking with this texture, but it does take them a while to set properly. Still, worth your time to get to the counter and seek out a good color match.

    1. Ha ha ha...can't stop chuckling over "A 5 year old with Larry King eyes"! :)

  3. Oh, to live near a city with great restaurants. You never cease to slay me...Larry King @ 5 indeed! But seriously, I will look hard at the new serum concealers. They really do sound like the perfect answer. Hope they really cover up though. Oh yeah, some of my problem stems also from the shadows created by my under-eye luggage. So maybe I'll also look for something to decrease those bags. THANKS SO VERY MUCH for your advice/assistance. Take care & hug the kitties for me.

    1. I have similar hollows under my eyes and have had since I was young also. I also have dark circles. People actually ask me (if I'm not wearing concealer) if I have black eyes! I have had really good luck using a peach-toned color corrector under my concealer. Urban Decay just released a batch of color correctors which are nice. The key for me is the peach tone to cancel out the bluish tone. Also I use a silicone primer first (Smashbox makes one specifically for under the eye). Caroline Hirons (skincare goddess) just did a post on her blog this week about undereye circles if you want to check it out. Sorry to butt in but once I figured out the trick of the color correcting I was so delighted so thought I'd share!

    2. Thanks, Sarah. Great ideas. Take care, Judy

    3. My favor color corrector is still the peachy one from Armani. Layering that with a touch of highlighter helps tremendously. Also, I've recently discovered that Benefit Shy Beam, of all things, is quite brilliant for this purpose.

  4. You know what I am going to write !!!! ----- Yes ----- the red lippie looks fab on you Gaia !!!! :)

    1. Thank you, sweet friend. I'm planning on wearing a red lipstick when going out tonight :)

  5. I adore that lippie, and your face of the day Gaia, hope to try out the suggested substitute as I'm all about coral-reds now!

    1. Coral reds are such a great pick-me-up. And they feel especially enticing for spring (and summer, and fall...).


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