Thursday, May 26, 2016

MAC Select Lipstick- So Select

A couple of months ago MAC started a Select program, similar to Sephora's VIB. I registered, because why not? It's free.  I don't buy a lot of MAC makeup, but I was going to replenish some old staples, so why not get the benefits? Of course, that's a slippery slope, because once you're in they start tempting you with members only (or Select only) stuff, like the first exclusive, So Select lipstick.  It's a dirty rose kind of color, so obviously I had to have it.

So Select is a matte lipstick, a MAC formula that's usually my sworn enemy. I have to admit that this is one of the better lipsticks in this range (hey, it doesn't make my lips burn and peel, so that's a major improvement), but nine out of ten times I will either gloss it or apply over Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm (which is a unicorn matte balm), because I'm not a fan of my lip lines.

So Select is pretty and easygoing. You can see that the color is in the same family as MAC Finally Free (the Caitlyn Jenner one. So does this make So Select a Kardashian?), but Finally Free is a Cremesheen formula, which I obviously much prefer. So Select is also more brown and naturally more flat. I wish they'd make the same color as a Cremesheen or a Huggable, but since I have been putting this lipstick to some serious use, I can't really complain (much).

Bottom Line:  Matte lipstick lovers should rejoice.

MAC Select Lipstick- So Select ($17, made in Canada) is available from and is exclusive to MAC Select members.

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  1. Thanks for reviewing So Select. I couldn't agree more about this lipstick. Don't love the formation, but I wear it over a balm and that solves the dryness problem that I experience with most MAC lipsticks. I do really like the color (my skin is lighter/more yellow than yours); it's better on me than Finally Free. Like you, I joined MAC's rewards program even tho I don't buy much of their makeup...and, yes, now I'm buying more. (Of course!) I do really like So Select, so it's worth it for now.


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