Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Dior Diorshow Mono Eye Shadows 980 Atmosphere, 756 Front Row, 658 Cosmopolite, 554 Minimalism

Dior has recently released a new range of single eye shadows. They keep doing this annoying thing of naming all their eye shadows lines since the dawn of time "Diorshow Mono", with the exception of the long-discontinued 1-Colour line (I'll get back to that one in a bit). To make things clear, since some counter still have the previous Diorshow Mono in stock, the new ones are  narrow rectangles with an  embossed "CD".I bought  four of the eight available colors, and still have an inner debate going on about the two camel/light brown shades ( 530 Gallery and 573 Mineral). They're obviously not unique, but I'm highly impressed with the current finish and formula.

Three of the new Diorshow Mono I've got have a smooth high satin look that reminds me very much of the dearly departed 1-Colour singles. The latter have been discontinued since early 2010 or so, and for some reason Dior haven't managed to produce singles of a similar quality since. The square one with the full Dior logo were good  if uneven, and some, like the Cruise one, were shockingly sub-par. While I still like and use some of them, the new range marks a great improvement. The fourth color  of this new bunch ,658 Cosmopolite, has a different texture, it's one of those modern thicker and denser ones that are almost creamy, and has more of a shine. It was a nice surprise, and it's a great eye shadow.


980 Atmosphere is an icy purple that dwells on the furthest edge of my comfort zone. I do like it as a surprising touch in the middle of the lid with an otherwise neutral combination.
658 Cosmopolite is the one with the different texture. It's more metallic and requires more patting than blending. It's a gorgeous color and effect, and a real surprise.
756 Front Row is a complex rosy taupe, while  554 Minimalism is a silvery dove gray. Both are very Dior and will make you think of couture fabrics. They create the most sophisticated polished looks, very timeless and elegant.

Bottom Line: Four of the prettiest eye shadows currently at the counters.

Dior Diorshow Mono Eye Shadows 980 Atmosphere, 756 Front Row, 658 Cosmopolite, 554 Minimalism ($29.50 each, made in France) are available from most department stores.


  1. I came across these and I was going to buy Cosmopolite and more but the salesperson was talking cell phones with a customer. ehem. I was so surprised swatching Cosmopolite, I loved the color and was so surprised that it left a stain on my arm from the swatch. I have to go back for it and 756!

  2. Yeah, I could use a few of these :)

    How does Atmosphere compare to RBR Delicate Hummingbird? (It's funny, instinctively I don't want too many similar purples - but bronzes and taupes, bring them on.)


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