Monday, January 16, 2017

Burberry Silk and Bloom Blush Palette

You know I had to.

It's the color. And the embossed pattern. And the gleam. The packaging didn't hurt, either.

Burberry Silk and Bloom Blush Palette isn't really a palette in the sense of having multiple colors. It's just one product in a compact, but the blush itself is one the prettiest around. There's also something about the formula that makes it perform well both as a standalone blush and as a blush topper that adds an extra glow to the skin.

At first glance Burberry Silk and Bloom looks like a medium pink blush with a shiny finish. I had to check and verify that there's no overspray or actual metallic glitter on the surface. The effect comes from the embossed pattern and the light-reflecting is part of the blush itself. The product is actually much more sheer than it appears at first, but it's still a blush, not a highlighter. Of course, color intensity will vary by skin tone and depth, and I can't predict what will be the effect for women of color. I'm somewhere between NC30-35 with a distinct green undertone, and I love the look I get from this blush.

I think it's more of a chiffon than a straight up silk, because the blush is sheer. You see the skin through a pink luminous veil that catches the light just so. I had to play with my lighting, angle, and flash to give you an accurate swatch, because just looking at from the front you don't see shimmer. There are no shiny particles and the face isn't awash with a metallic coat the way some Instagram-friendly highlighters make it appear, so skin texture isn't emphasized or compromised.

As a blush topper Silk & Bloom adds life to flat matte colors if needed, or lightens plummy colors to make them more pink and bright. It also works over cream blushes, as long as they're not still wet. I get the best results when using a small dense and round blush brush (MAC 109-type, the old Hakuhodo 210 or newer G506). You'll get more pigment from buffing with a flat-top brush and more sheerness if you swipe it with a Yachiyo or another fluffy brush.

Bottom Line: a collector's item that asks to be used. A lot.

Burberry Silk and Bloom Blush Palette ($68, made in Italy) is a limited edition item, currently available from


  1. Oo that really is too beautiful to resist!

  2. I immediately ordered this after seeing your swatches and reading your review. Thank you so much! I've been scouring the internet looking for an actual swatch of this blush for over a week now!

  3. So far, this is the first spring item to really grab my attention. It is just so gosh darn pretty and would make a versatile addition to my blush stash. I'm light (NC15) and have naturally rosey cheeks. Consequently, I love a blush that has some translucency to it because, in my case, it is more about evening out the color than piling it on. Also, because I'm an older woman, I prefer some glow but without the visible glitter that can emphasize any rough texture. This Burberry beauty seems to fit the criteria. I'll definitely want to take a look at this one when it is on counter.

  4. OH MY GOD I die for this! Beautiful photos and swatches :)

  5. Hi,

    I am so glad to see a swatch but can you clarify, does the blush have that lovely sheen to it (seen on the swatch) even after the overlay is finished. I just want a blush with a sheen to it.


  6. P.S. I would love to see more pics up close and on your cheeks if at all possible!

  7. I almost ordered this yesterday! Too pretty to resist!


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