Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Stila Matte 'n Metal Eye Shadow Palette

Stila Matte 'n Metal Eye Shadow Palette was my last purchase of 2016. I decided it would be a good companion to the two Stila Eyes Are the Windows palettes I already have, Mind (all matte) and Soul (half matte, half shimmer). I like the texture of Stila shadows, because the mattes blend well and the shimmers are long-lasting (I lay them down with thick soft brushes, so the finish is consistent, and blend the edges into the mattes). I use them mostly for subtle tonal looks with or without a burst of brighter color in the form of blue, green or purple liner.

The check pattern makes the palette stand out from the  Eyes are the Window series

Ingredients. It includes carmine.

The new palette introduces what Stila calls a metal finish. The lighter three are of a fine high shimmer, unless you use them with a damp brush (a face spray, preferably one that contains glycerin or other moisturizing agent, is best for this. Do try to touch the brush to only half of the pan, as it might change the product's consistency). I find them less metallic than Tarte's metals, Tom Ford quad in Nude Dip or several cream eye shadows that give a smooth almost mirrored finish. The darker three metal shadows definitely look more metallic, even when applied dry. Any way you use the metals, they're pretty and flattering. There's something for everyone in this combination of muted neutrals, though I'm not sure if they're saturated enough to have a good impact on women of color's skin.

Both finishes/textures are very soft and buttery. They also kick quite a bit of powder, so a cleanup is required under the eyes. I don't mind, but I know some people hate it. My advice is  never skip your eye primer and find which ones of your brushes work best with this formula.

The shades in the Stila Matte 'n Metal Eye Shadow Palette are (left to right, by row)-
Top row (matte):

See? They aren't really sheer

  • Vintage- neutral cream
  • Velvet- lightest pinkish cream
  • Feathered- yellow toned light beige

Second Row (matte):
  • Fringe- a slightly rosy beige
  • Suede- mauve
  • Velour- camel

Third row (metal):
  • Bohemian- lightest silvery taupe
  • Retro- shimmery rosy copper
  • Sequin- shimmery golden peach (leans yellow)

Bottom Row (metal):
  • Smolder- metal dark taupe that leans gray
  • Sizzle- metallic terracotta
  • Flare- copper
As you can see, the top row is very light. My eyelids are much darker than the rest o my face (or my arm), so when I apply any of these three they even out the lid and provide a good starting base, If your skin is very very light and almost sheer you will get quite a bit of pigment from them and will probably want to use the fluffiest brush when dusting them over the lid. Smolder, that dark charred taupe at the bottom row appears flatter than I expected when applied, while Sequin is quite yellow (great for the inner corner if you're olive-skinned). 

Bottom Line: not very original but fun and usable.

Stila Matte 'n Metal Eye Shadow Palette ($49, made in USA) is available from Ulta online and in store.


  1. I know its not "exciting" but ..... I would use this!!!!

  2. I love Stila shadows, the formula plays well with my oily lids (I use a Mac Paint Pot primer). Love this palette, but don't need another one, durnnit.

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