Tuesday, January 10, 2017

FotD: Bright Blue Eyeliner for The Middle Aged Face

I haven't done a FotD in forever. It was not for the lack of makeup old and new, nor was it for lack of creative experiments. I just was not feeling the need for documenting my face every time I buffed on a new highlighter or got ready to leave the house. Maybe it's a lingering effect of another birthday, the current disturbance in the Force (in every possible meaning and then some) and the winter blahs. In any case, I was looking over these photos from a few weeks ago and m notes about the makeup and decided it was worth posting. Because we can all use a hint of bright blue liner. Speaking of liquid liner, I really need to write a detailed photo-tutorial for doing a thin (and even somewhat winged) line on eyes that are set so deep one needs Lassie to rescue the from the well. It's somewhat of a technical challenge (an initial attempt was an epic fail), but I promise to get there. In the meantime, here's my bright liner for the middle aged face look:


  • Strivectin High-Potency Wrinkle-Filler from a sample that I used as a face primer. I have no opinion one way or another, since it was a one use sample packet and that's not exactly conducive for a real review. I've worn the look for six or seven hours, things stayed in place, it might have been too matte for my personal liking, but I (over) compensated for that. Whatever.
  • Guerlain Baby Glow in #3 Medium. It's still a favorite tinted moisturizer and I just cracked open a new tube (probably my third). It's the perfect thing for a good skin day and looks completely natural. And, yes, 'm aware that my hyperpigmentation is showing, but sometimes I don't care.
  • It cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Illuminating Concealer. I have a mini or a deluxe sample or something which I was eager to try. However, the formula is way WAY too dry for my undereye area (not to mention that the caverns of deep set eyes cannot be concealed, only somewhat brightened). It is a good full coverage concealer elsewhere on the face due to its thickness.
  • NARS Light Reflecting Loose Powder. If it ain't broke, etc.


  • NARS Eye Base. Opened a new tube. I guess I really really like it.
  • All eye shadows by Anastasia Beverly Hills: Stone, Victoria, Buon Fresco (the latter is available both as a single and in the Modern Renaissance palette). I was going for a tonal look that didn't focus on the eye shadows and only created a bit of depth. Any two to three neutral satin or mattes that blend well together would work.
  • The eyeliner I used was a limited edition Lancome liquid Artliner, but many brands have similar products (Urban Decay in Chaos, Make Up For Ever in Diamond Blue, Stila Cobalt and Nyx Extreme Blue or Vivid Sapphire. Speaking of those Nyx bright liners, I actually have Vivid violet, which on my relatively dark lid looks very tame).
  • It Cosmetics Tightline-whatever (see review. It was utter crap).
  • Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme mascara. Still working through Mt. Sample here.


  • I started with Benefit Gimme Brows in Light Medium, which is my go-to when I want to tone down my color a bit, but decided to add a little texture with Suqqu brow powder in 01 Moss Green.


  • Shiseido Blush in RS302.
  • Barry M Illuminating Strobe Cream Stick #2 Iced Bronze. For someone who owns some gorgeous and elegant highlighters in every texture it was an utterly ridiculous purchase that looked even more patchy, cheap, and uneven on my skin. 


Other Stuff

  • I was wearing a short sweater dress by Comptoir Des Cotonniers which I later topped with a cardigan, I think.
  • Vintage earrings (yes, they were animal print).
  • SotD was Iris Silver Mist, which has probably saved the day, because that's what Uncle Serge used to do.
  • Here's Josephine, judging the world and finding it severely lacking:


  1. hi since you are the queen of scent have you tried any of the rouge bunny rouge perfumes?

  2. I think you've done a beautiful job with your eye makeup here :-)

  3. I've always held firm to the idea that the secret to wearing colored liner when more mature ;-) is to keep the rest of the look neutral. I also find that (on me) deeper jewel tones are much kinder than bright ones. I enjoy working with a bit of rich amethyst, deep teal, ivy green, sapphire blue, etc. and I have plenty of more neutral colors that work well with the color.

    I particularly liked your comment about not caring if your hyper-pigmentation showed. In the pictures you look like you're ready for a good time and that pop of blue enhancing you're beautiful brown eyes says fun, fun, fun. You know, if we only want to see those supernaturally flawless, plasticized looks, we can peruse Instagram where photoshop and filters reign supreme. But personally, I put more stock in the ideas, opinions, and techniques put forth by confident women who are "comfortable in their skin." Although I love a good foundation and wear one most days, I do have no foundation days when my priority is looking happy and healthy and spots be damned! LOL

  4. This look is perfection! The touch of blue is subtle and elegant, yet you can still notice it. I will try to recreate these eye ASAP!!!
    I can't wait to see your tutorial on thin and slightly winged eyeliner for deep set eyes. You would think that with the plethora of videos on YouTube one could find something useful for eye shapes similar to ours (I couldn't). The term deep-set encompasses too many possibilities, I guess. My issue is that my crease, besides being pronounced, like yours, which I like, in my case also proceeds quite downwards, which I don't like, making it impossible to do a proper long (or even a medium) wing. Either I keep my wings very short (but I need them to lift the eye!!! Sobs) or I orient them straight (instead of upwards), loosing any flattering effect of said wing. If anybody has some wisdom to shed on the subject, I'm taking notes!!!

  5. WOW! Very beautiful, the blue really accentuates your eyes.

  6. This is a very lovely look. If I hadn't already done my makeup for the day, I think I would attempt it.

  7. What a lovely FOTD, I really miss seeing these posts! :)

    I adore the blue liner, it really gives your eyes a nice pop. Two of my favorite bright blue eyeliners are Guerlain's Kohl powder liner in Marine and the bluish purple from the Le Cirque Kaleidoscope Eye Kit by Le Métier de Beauté. To go with, I use Rosewood by Burberry or NARS Shimmering Eye Shadow in Nepal on the lids.

    A favorite lip to go with this look is Shiseido's Perfect Rouge Rouge Parfait in RS 656 (slightly deeper rose version of MLBB).

    PS - Josephine! *squish*

  8. Hello...great blog, I just found it! You look very lovely and hyperpigmentation..?? I don't see it at all! I have been fighting this for many years and used to use a prescription cream for it, which apparently is not around any longer according to my dermatologist. I also have dark hair and fair skin and am prone to this but right now am using an over the counter cream and it is getting better again.

    Have a great rest of your weekend!
    Janet in AZ

  9. P.S.....love your cat's photo...reminds me a bit of my Lily, who also gets that expression at times!

  10. Beautiful lipstick -quite riveting!


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