Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Everything is Illuminated

I'm becoming very enamoured lately with all the nice, flawless effects that various powders can give to my skin. I used to be a one powder girl (Lancome Dual Finish in Matte Buff II), but once I dared venture into the world of loose powders (I love the silky, vanilla scented one from Besame Cosmetics) I became aware of all the cool things you can do with a soft brush and a pot of almost golden wonder.

Of special interest are the powders that make your skin glow without too much color or shimmer. That's the famous "candlelight effect", and there are several products on the market that promise you just that. I chose to try Soft Lights from Smashbox.

The color I picked, Lens, is a soft peach tone. It doesn't have any coral/orange look and won't turn you into Christina Aguilera, even if you try very hard. Soft Lights is supposed to also multitask as a blush, but most of the colors they offer (including Lens) are too pale to do much blushing on my skin.

The product is also described as "shimmery". However, this isn't the stuff you see on Paris Hilton's face (insert appropriate orange jumpsuit here), and will not make you think "fairy dust". It can be easily worn during the day, because the only effect you get is a flawless finish that seems to radiate or glow, but without going over-the-top.

One important word of warning: When first applied, even with the lightest hand and the softest brush, the powder seems to look too thick and even chalky. almost to the point that makes you think that you either applied it wrong or used your grandma's old product. I was horrified at first: did I just spend $28 on that? However, Soft Lights need about 20 minutes to settle and mingle with one's skin (I'm hearing that it's the case for many, but not all. Some get good results instantly). Once your natural oils (aren't you happy to be thinking about your facial oil glands?) get to work, the powder settles nicely and you get that soft, discreet glow that lasts for a whole day without fading and keeps your makeup in place.

I've been using this for several weeks now with good results and no breakouts. It might not be a necessary product in every makeup drawer, but it's fun and has its uses.

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  1. Yay! Elijah Wood/Liev Schreiber reference! Wait, that was what you were referencing, right?


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