Monday, July 09, 2007

L'Artisan Parfumeur- Dzing!

L'Artisan Parfumeur-  Dzing! or: Where are my clowns?
I'm not sure if it's my nose or body chemistry that are among the funkiest you could imagine, but this I know: They work in mysterious way.

Consider my holiest of grails: I wear all of the Tauers easily, year round. Including the smoke and leather manly scent, Lonestar Memories (and its precious little brother, Orris). Or the Lutens: concept fragrances or not, I wear them and they make sense on my skin, including that public enemy, Miel de Bois. Or Cartier's Le Baiser du Dragon, a fragrance that I remember reading in one of the blogs (apologies for not remembering which one) that it was suited for a Joan Crawford type of woman (That one made me feel great).

Also, just look at the list of perfumes I can't wear because my skin makes them ugly. I'm not even talking about popular but controversial ones like Angel or Prada. Both Light Blue (D&G) and Cashmere Mist turn sour on me. I don't mind, really. But not being able to find a Montale that doesn't smell rancid on me, or having Bois de Armenie reject me after the first 30 minutes was insulting.

I think I've made my point.

Here's another example: Reviews of L'Artisan's Dzing! are downright scary. They all talk about an animalic note, a serious fecal funk, wet fur and dirty beasts. Lions and tigers and bears galore. Read all the other blogs for explanations and elaborations on the circus theme that inspired this scent (for real!). In this case, the funk is lost on me, and I don't know if I should be thankful or sorry.

I have no idea what they all are smelling. I have a house full of cats. I deal with feline waste management on a daily basis and sniff fur all the time. That's not the juice in my bottle. On my skin, it starts with rich brown leather. It reminds me the smell of an outdoor market that I visited in Florence many years ago. Then come roasted candied peanuts, the kind they sell on the streets of Manhattan. There's something a little burnt but addictive in the smell. And vanilla. All the time, the leather is still there, peeping under the sweetness that my skin plays up and makes stronger and stronger.

On The Blond, it's much more masculine. The vanilla is almost hidden behind an assertive leather. There's something nutty there, as well, but not so much street candy, somehow fresher. I'm not sure which one of us smells better wearing Dzing!, but we're both fascinated with this scent. So much so, that I did something I hardly ever do: Bought the big, 3.4 oz bottle.

Notes: Notes: leather, ginger, tonka bean, musk, white woods, caramel, saffron, toffee, candy apple and cotton candy.

(photos in order of appearance: Joan Crawford, my cat, Peter, and a 3.4 oz bottle of Dzing!)


  1. Dzing, one of my top five favorites, isn't very animalic on me, either! It's more rubbery, smoky, and leathery, with a caramel edge. I love it and am ready to start a letter-writing campaign to L'Artisan.

  2. I tend to neuter scents myself- even the holy grail of skank- Musc Kublai Khan is a purring kitten of a scent on me. I don't think that's a bad thing though..

  3. Angela- I'm in for a petition. For some reason the fragrances that get discontinued are never the bad or boring ones.

    T- I have yet to try MKK, but I have a feeling that once I do, it would be a big love.

  4. I have yet to find a perfume that has been touted as wildly animalic and circus-like to actually be so. (which is unfortunate, because I would love something like that) MKK is very tame on me and Dzing! although a great love is not the wild beast it is made out to be. Nor are Arabie, My Queen and Kingdom reeking of BO to my nose. (again, I wish they were)

    The wildest scent I have ever (EVER) smelled is Parfum de Peau by Montana. It is the most daring, scary, offending fragrance I have ever had the joy of wearing. Sex and fur in a bottle.

    I have similar feelings for most fragrances that purportedly smell of 'sexual intimacy'. I've been putting off writing about that, but I am planning to, hopefully in the near future, after my summer vacation.

    Just found your blog btw, and I love it. GJ.

  5. Hey Divina, you're the boss!
    Parfum de Peau by Montana is simply one of the best! Now just like a hidden treasure, a hard-to-find, it is known as a "shared secret" by perfume Minority Community... I'm glad to be a proud owner of it. :)

  6. ad yeah, Gaia... I still remember when I was fascinated by Dzing! long long time ago. What a vivid impression! I agree with all you've said...
    But after the very first experiences and approachs... it turned out a lot more linnear/boring than I expected.
    (after all, I think Giacobetti always bores me to my boots).


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