Friday, February 15, 2008

Bliss carrot+sesame body buff (and a little giveaway)

Believe me: the last thing I needed was another body scrub. I have several jars, tins and tubes arranged near the bathtub and serving a double purpose of exfoliating my skin and giving the cats something to crash into when they chase each other in and out of the (empty) tub. It's a feline thing.

One of my recent orders from Bliss had a sample of their carrot+sesame spa body scrub, and it was so intriguing that I tried it that very night. Normally I'm all for separation of food and grooming, so a carrot, sesame and honey product wouldn't be my usual choice. But I was feeling adventurous.

I loved it from the second I tore the packet open and got a whiff of the carroty goodness. It smells like a Middle Eastern candy with the honey and sesame, but not to the icky point. It feels as rich as it smells and I found myself using way more of the sample than I really needed, just so I could spend more quality time with it.

There were two results to testing the scrubs: my skin felt softer than I could hope for and my tub was full of the sticky little granules and needed to be washed, which I had time for, because I was in no rush to slather myself with a body cream. The softness held until the next morning, which was when I went online to order a full size jar.

This scrub only comes in a set with something called "finishing foam", which is basically a whipped lotion. It smells of milk, honey, sesame and carrots and is in the yummy category, but again, thankfully, not over-the-top but feels sweet and cozy. You use it on damp skin and it sinks right in. Unfortunately, it doesn't add that much long-term moisturizing. I tried using the scrub with and without the finishing foam and it didn't matter at all, by morning I needed something more. I wish they'd use the scent in a regular body butter formula.

Bottom line: the scrub is amazing, the foam is ok.

I have a second sample of the scrub to give away for one lucky reader. Just leave a comment to say you're interested.


  1. Hi, I'll sign up for the sample! I just had to laugh at your description of the cats crashing into the jars and bottles lined up on the tub. I know exactly what you're talking about. It's really fun too when you can hide a jar under the shower curtain and then pounce on it!

    From, Calypso

  2. Ooo! Sounds like great stuff, and I'd love a sampler!

  3. sounds yummy! sign me up. love your blog. gina

  4. That sounds awesome - I'd love to sign up!

  5. I have just discovered the joy of body scrubs. Salt scrubs make no sense to me, salt + dry skin just equals pain. But sugar or rice or carrot+sesame and a little oil is lovely.

    Please enter me!

  6. I'm all for more and better exfoliation!

  7. But I'm all for the joint venture of food and skin care :D I'd love a sample...

  8. sounds intriguing, please include me!

  9. Sounds good to me--after nine months in Cairo, I'm missing my helwa.

  10. Interested! Would love to try it ... have been wondering if this could really be good to try/buy and I value your delicious opinion!

  11. I will sign up for the sample as well!

  12. Everyone is in the draw. I'll announce the winner by Thursday.


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