Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Making Eyes- Cargo Eye Shadow Palettes - Ten Thousand Islands

Keeping the theme of beautiful things, I've been completely obsessed lately with the under-hyped Ten Thousand Islands eyeshadow palette from Cargo. It's supposed to be a limited edition, but it's been around since 2006 and is still available from Sephora, so maybe we're lucky and it'll stick around in the regular collection. It's definitely worth it. The quality is excellent. Fine milled, long lasting powder that stays in place and remain true to color for a full day.

You know how it works with palettes: several coordinating colors, something bright for highlighting, something dark for lining, something blue...

It all works together perfectly. You can't go wrong with the neutrals in this set. I wear the light ecru and the taupish chocolate day in, day out. The colors are buildable and make just as good of a classy evening look that has just a little shimmer and a whole lot of chic.

Surprisingly enough, the most challenging color in this palette for me is the charcoal. It's dark and very pigmented. Since I'm not a fan of raccoon eyes I use it sparingly and only for evenings. The light silver has more than a little sage green in it. It works well on my skin. I swipe it very lightly on my lower lid, for a pop out effect. I use the blue the same way. It's not a loud color and is easy to blend with the neutrals. I suspect that someone with a cool, pale skin can still make it work if she's careful not to pile it up. As far as I'm considered, this is one of the most versatile compacts I own.

I bought my palette from Sephora Union Square in NYC. It's also available online. $28.

Images: Sephora and Starlight Records.


  1. The silvery y, and taupey hues are very fetching. Say, is the taupe cool-toned? (I mean the undertone of it)

    Happy V-day to you G!

  2. Helg- Yes, the undertone of all the colors in the palette is quite cool.


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