Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ready For Spring- Zoya Spring 2008 Collection (Blissful)

It snowed today, making SoCal a distant memory. Hard to believe it was only two days ago that I was wearing sandals and sitting on the beach watching the seals in Redondo Beach. The only trace of happy weather and sunshine is on my fingers and toes.

Blissful, Zoya's spring 2008 collection is all about the pink. The most challenging color of the bunch, as far as I'm concerned, is Miley. It's a very light lilac (though more lavender than the swatch above looks), a hue I normally avoid like the plague (out of fear I'd end up looking like a victim of one). This meant I just had to give it a try. The result was less ghoulish than I feared, even if unorthodox. It's a happy color and the shiny, creamy finish made my nails look like those colored candied almonds. Very Easter and cute in a Peeps bunny way. Have I already said happy? It might be a bit too much for an office look, though, for those who prefer less contrast with their skin tone.

My two absolute favorites in this collection are Zanna and Penelope. The former is currently on my toes: it's a mauve rose cream, as classic and flattering as anything can be, and it makes me think of a spring bouquet. Penelope is warmer, a rosy apricotish color, though not even remotely orange. I suspect it'd look good on most women, but us olive-skinned girls can't go wrong with it.

The quality is what you'd expect from Zoya, proving that nail polish can be made without Toluene, Formaldehyde and DBP (dibutyl phthalate) and still last. My toes are in perfect shape after a week. As for the colors on my hands, I tested one side with a clear top coat that kept the polish chip-free for a week, and the other hand without. The latter needed repairs after five days. Another advantage of both Penelope and Zanna (but not of the other colors that are lighter) is the richness, even if you only apply one coat. The color is opaque and true to the bottle. Add to that how quick they are to dry (all the colors in the collection, actually) and you've got a real winner.

I received the collection as a PR freebie. It's available from Zoya website, $6 a bottle or $34 for the sampler set.


  1. It just came back from LA a few weeks ago...to Montreal. I've never hated snow so much. I am, in fact, scowling at the 15 fresh centimeters we've managed to accumulate overnight. I swear, Nature is trying to bury us with it.

    I cannot wait for spring. I've never yearned for pastels as much as I do now.

    I haven't tried any Zoya yet, but I love their color palettes. My aesthetician isn't crazy about the brand, but I'd love to use something that's a wee bit healthier than the Essie and OPI I currently use. (Did you notice those little signs in California stores that warn about the chemicals in certain products causing cancer? They had one up at Ulta for Essie. Shudder.)

  2. Fierce ice storm here last night and this morning in Orange Cty NY. The trees limbs were cracking off the big pine trees that line my house with my neighbor like glaciers calving. The nail polish colors are lovely, but I have stopped wearing nail polish, can't stand the smell of it and the remover.

  3. I'm really intrigued by Felicity and that warm rose-copper (according to my monitor, anyway) -- what do you think of it?

    I've been wearing Essie nail polish for about a week now and I've been really impressed with how it's been holding up compared to the OPI colors (which last on my toes, but not on my hands). I don't think I have any Zoya, but I've heard lots of good things.

  4. Maggie- The snow and winter both need to go away. We all had enough by now.
    I'm surprised to hear your aesthetician isn't a fan. Last I've heard, Elizabeth Arden replaced their own brand of polish in their Red Door salons with Zoya. Don't get me wrong: I own many Essie and OPI polishes and most are fabulous, color-wise. But they are not always consistant in quality. I adore Wicked from Essie, but the cancer warning is enough to freak me out and reconsider the brand.

  5. Joan- I understand about the smell. Especially of polish removers. Those are quite vile. I find that using those sponge in a plastic pot removers are considerably easier on my nose.

  6. Jeanne- Felicity is very wearable and classy. I needed two coats to get the full depth of the color, and it was very pretty. It's another color that would flatter many.

  7. She objects to how thickly (?) it goes on, apparently. I think maybe it's just a question of habit and brand loyalty.

    I like the color selection from Essie, but I find it actually chips quite easily. China Glaze stands up nicely to the abuse I put my hands through.

  8. Maggie- I think I know what you mean, but I find that different textures from the same brand usually wear completely different. The creme colors from Zoya are indeed thicker than Essie.


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