Monday, February 18, 2008

Out of Business: LuiLei

Bad news for perfume lovers in the NY Metro area. LuiLei in Brooklyn has closed, leaving us with less options for niche shopping. I'm not too surprised, because unlike their competitors, Aedes in Manhattan and ScentBar in L.A., LuiLei never seemed to do marketing or shown any effort in reaching out to their potential customers. Still it's sad, especially since they had at least one East Coast exclusive: Tauer Perfume.

The notice on their former website says they might return as an online business. I sure hope so, but I still believe that our area can support more than one store dedicated to niche and artisan perfumes.


  1. that is too bad- I'd never even heard of them. I hope they come back as an online business; much as I love LuckyScent I think competition is a good and healthy thing...

  2. I wish we had somewhere decent to find perfume in Tennessee other than a department store!

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  3. This is sad indeed. Usually some antagonism between stores ends up in making the consumer have more choices and better services.

  4. indeed a pity! I loved their shop design, neat and fancy, but not in a modest way. Having some insight details on this story (....) I just hope that lui and lei , he and she, got out of it without too much pain.
    There was a very personal story behind lui and lei that set them apart, but maybe this made them vulnerable, too?

  5. Tom- The fact you and others have never heard of them is probably exactly the reason they didn't survive.

    Ash- I understand. I'd be very sad to only have access to the usual department store fare. Luckily, the internet has changed it all.

    Helg- Definitely. We could all use more choice and competition between niche retailers. I like Aedes and Lucky, but it's just not enough.

    Andy- It must have been very hard for them. It was obvious that the store was a labor of love.


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