Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Creaseless- Laura Geller Concealer Pen

After last week's TheBalm fiasco, we all deserve a concealer that actually delivers. Laura Geller liquid concealer in a pen with a plastic brush does the work wonderfully. Over the last month it has become my favorite little miracle. I'm using the one in Medium, but also did some testing on the Light, which was a bit too sheer for me. I actually considered buying both and blending them together, but eventually decided that Medium works perfectly by itself in terms of coverage, and the shade is exactly what I need.

I put it on either on top of my regular foundation and blend them together, or, on a good skin day, I use it on bare face. One click of the pen usually dispenses more product than I actually need, so this is my only gripe here. I'd prefer if it came in a tube with a brush or even a sponge applicator. I use the brush to dot the concealer where I need it, and then spread and blend either with my finger or with a tiny concealer brush.

The creaseless wonder melts into the skin, covers everything it's supposed to and stays put for long hours (topped with some kind of powder product). I can't talk about hiding wrinkles, but it covers sun spots, blemishes (without caking on them!), redness on the sides of the nose and that pesky shade under the eyes. I only use it in that area on the darkest part, not the entire under eye (see M. Lisa below, though she could probably use a little more product, since her eyes are kind of bulgy) and it does the trick.

Am I the only one who prefers liquid concealers to the more caulky stuff?

Laura Geller Crease-Less Concealer is available from Sephora, which is where I tested it several times and bought mine for $22.50.


  1. I've been looking for a good concealer that doesn't tire me out and offers luminocity for ...ever. (The public's favorite, Touche Eclat does NOT work on me) I've given up and actually use my Diorskin Forever around the eye are as well. (that's one GOOD makeup btw). I've never heard of Laura Geller but Im gonna keep an eye out. Been thinking that I might try the Terry ones but I heard they do not offer enough coverage and that they are rather sheer...

    Oops, I've written a novel - sensitive subject obviously :)


  2. No, you're not the only one ;-)

    I tend to like the Precious Light by Guerlain Issima range.
    Sadly, I don't believe Laura Geller is available here...

  3. Hmmm. I don't have a preference for solid versus liquid concealers (I tend to lean towards solid), but I do not like click pens! But as I said in your TheBalm post, I do need a better concealer. I'll take a look the next time I'm at Sephora -- I haven't tried any Laura Geller products, but I've heard good things.

    And as for the "looking strange" with concealer on, I think it's more that I don't wear concealer on a regular basis, so that when I actually do cover up the dark circles, it looks out of the ordinary! So I'd say it was more the fault of my perspective than the fault of the concealer itself. ;) It might have done too good of a job, and I just didn't realize it!

  4. Thanks for this :) I also prefer liquids over thick creamy concealers because liquids are easier to blend into the skin. I do like the one from helena rubinstein.



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