Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Spring Anticipation- A Joint Project From Two Sides Of The World

Helg from Perfume Shrine and I are here to bring you a taste of spring from Europe and the US, in a joint project that will hopefully be first of many.

Early March in the New York Metro area is as far from La Primavera as anything could be. It's cold, the trees are too stark and naked for Cupid to hang out, the grass dull and brown and no self respecting Grace would go dancing on it. While everyone is tired of winter and can't wait for a change in the air, we all know that there's more snow in our future before we even get to see the first crocuses. It doesn't stop us from hoping and anticipating, though.

It starts with a little spring cleaning. Out with the old, in with the new and smelling good while doing it. Caldrea just launched the Watercress Wild Lily collection of home products. It's supposed to be crisp and springy, though I'm not sure how a cool melon accent fits into a green and floral scent. Their French Lavender might be a better choice, and I've always loved the Lavender Pine range.

The "out with the old" process is supposed to leave us with some free space for new. I have a major case of lust for several Anthropologie little romantic tops. Feminine silhouettes, lace trim and fluttery sleeves all say "spring" without overdoing it with pinks and too many flower prints.

The floral accent can come from cute jewelry. Either a single flower pendant ($178, Anthropologie) or an elaborate, romantic victorian choker ($310.00, Michal Negrin, available from Mavrik Jewelry). It's all about the pretty.

The easiest way to make a small change and get into the spring spirit is with nail polish. I've been rocking the cute pinks from Zoya's Blissful collection for weeks now, but there's also a different approach. The India Collection from OPI has everything: light pink, deep pink, rich jewel tones and dark spice. It looks fun, though I'd skip the dark blue. It's a little too gimmicky (not to mention last season).

There's nothing like gorgeous makeup to finish up the look and perk up winter face. Embossed palettes that are so pretty you don't want to mess up are nothing new, but this season there's a lot to choose from:

1. Laura Mercier Violet Eye Color Quad ($38, available from Sephora, Bliss and most department stores). There's a shy violet and a wild violet options.

2. Clinique Fresh Bloom Allover Colour ($29.50, Clinique.com and every department store under the sun). It's another delicate bronzer/all-over face powder, combining a highlighter with a deeper color. I'd skip the very pink Peony and go for the more olive-skinned friendly Almond blossom.

3. Smashbox Green Room Eye Shadow Quad in Bamboo ($32 at Sephora, Smashbox.com and every Smashbox counter). This is probably my favorite of the bunch. There's also a softer quad, Blossom, which is soft peach/ deep brown/ taupe/ pearl.

4, 5, 6 are all Chantecaille: Protected Paradise eye and face palettes (both are $90, available from Blissworld.com) and Trio Les Passementeries, which isn't new but still gorgeous is an eye and face combo with a shimmery overlay ($82 Blissworld.com). I can't promise it's worth the price, especially since the cheek colors are too pale for me, but it's a beautiful eye candy.

Don't forget to visit Perfume Shrine for a scent-centered spring post.


  1. I'm loving the Chantacaille palettes!

  2. Very cute choices!

    I LOVED the Chantecaille palettes: they're like little jewels or mini works of art! And I think the colours would suit me, so I should propably trace them down.
    The OPI pic is very sumptuous: apart from the beauty of the model I love the necklace and the gold cuff.

  3. I'm glad to see you're also a fan of Zoya! I had a bad experience w/ Essie's 'Looking for Love', a lavender cream that streaks like a frat-boy on Rush week. Seriously, I ended up with racing stripes, it was that bad. I then visited Zoya's website and ordered Miley (I hate the polish's name as well as it's namesake) and Heather, amongst others. I hope the finish is bette than Essie's.

    Also, I know everyone's crazy about the new OPI collection, but I'm not sold on it. I just don't understand the big deal, as there doesn't seem to be any standouts from the collection.


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