Monday, March 17, 2008


I'm reading a book I was sent for review. It's a little too much on the chick list side and I'm not feeling it. I hope it improves.

The Mess We're In- PJ Harvey with Thom York. It's a perennial favorite of the shiver-down-your-spine variety.

frequently worn outfit or item
Black knee-high stiletto boots. I have several pairs of black boots, but this one has gotten so much action lately that I need to replace the heels.

You mean, other than Onda?

Pasta e fagioli soup. My own version with a lot of zucchini for a greener, springy feel.

Water. And a lot of it.

guilty pleasure
Pasta in every shape and form.

bane of my existence
Lack of sleep. And it's making me cranky.

For my sister to have her baby. I'm very excited about my niece.

Never to see, read or hear the name "Britney Spears".

Oh, and this Louboutin Clutch:

Please tell me about your current loves and wishes!

Art: Alexander Volkov Farewell to March. Vinings Gallery.
The other piece of art: Neiman Marcus.


  1. wishlist -- Guerlain's Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune and this Benefiance eye cream by Shiseido
    Perfume -- Roger & Gallet Cedrat
    Book -- Dogs of Dog (about the Spanish Inquisition, Columbus and the Catholic King & Queen of Spain)
    Song -- Any Aria in Mozart's Clemenza di Tito
    Anticipation -- For spring. Tired of cold weather
    Drink -- Always water
    Food -- Whatever my husband cooks
    Worn outfit -- My sneakers. I have been working out a lot lately

  2. Sorry about the above, the name of the book was "Dogs of God."

  3. book
    still mainly reading glamorama.. it is insane and i can't read too much of it before bed or it makes my head spin!

    The Mess We're In- PJ Harvey with Thom York. <- love that song!
    for me, susanna and the magical orchestra's cover of "love will tear us apart"... heard it on the radio today and had to sit in my parked car to hear the whole thing.

    frequently worn outfit or item
    don't really have one! the weather's been all over the place.

    a really creamy/woody floral i had blended at this hippie shop in sf.. you may laugh but it smells sooo good! reminds me of summer.

    i got to cook for the first time in weeks... orange snapper.

    soy shot in the dark (chai + espresso.. mmm)

    guilty pleasure

    bane of my existence
    finals. not really though because they'll be easy.

    job interview next week.

    summery sandals i can actually walk in comfortably.

  4. OMG my wishlist just became that Louboutin clutch. Has anything ever looked MORE chic and French?!

    Perfume: my sample of Isabey Gardenia. My preciousssss....

    Book: just magazines at present

    Guilty pleasure: magazines

    Food: fresh mangoes

    Drink; filtered water, and protein shakes with vanilla, frozen berries and pomegranate juice

    Worn outfit: iris blue silk sweater - love it so much I got another one in rose, I wish it came in 10 more colors.

    Song: "Mercy" by Duffy. She is Welsh but you would never guess it by listening to her neo-Motown sound. The girl has amazing pipes.

    Anticipation: spring and my morning coffee/tea, depending on the day.

  5. book~ I have been very fluffy these last two days: picked After the funeral by Christie.

    song~ Van Diemen's Land

    frequently worn outfit or item~ a long knitted overcoat with big lapels, over little tops in alternating colours (weather is warm!)

    perfume~ Have been gifted with Eau de Merveilles. I can see myself using it a lot in summer. Bringing out Reverie au Jardin

    food ~tyropita. Must cut down on those!

    drink ~Water

    guilty pleasure~ the above book ;-)

    bane of my existence~ wanting to sleep more than I can afford to

    anticipation~ Easter holidays

    wishlist~ a great new pair of sandals. Haven't searched yet!

  6. Book - Alas, I have a whole stack I need to get started on! I don't know if I'm going to start with my fashion books or my ballet books.

    Song - Probably "Just Like a Woman" by Bob Dylan. I put it on a mix I made recently.

    Frequently worn item - Vintage pins I bought at an antique store.

    Perfume - I've been trying out a lot of new perfumes lately -- today is Napa Valley Cielo, but my favorite discovery has been Dzing!.

    Food - Black sesame wafer cookies.

    Drink - Rose green tea.

    Guilty Pleasure - Gossip Girl spoilers.

    Bane of My Existence - Agreed on the lack of sleep.

    Anticipation - Spring!!

    Wishlist - A great pair of flat leather sandals, preferably in a bright color.

  7. My shopping obsession lately is hunting for cool vintage earrings. I had my hair cut into a bob which is totally different than any way I've ever worn my hair, and I love the way big earrings look now. I've found several pairs that are fabulous, and I love how they can class up jeans and a sweater (my outfit of choice for many winters.) I need a new book, and I'm waiting for Target's Ultimate Tees to go on sale; I buy half a dozen every spring and they carry me through the summer.

  8. Anon- I'm curious about that shiseido eye cream. I've been extremely loyal to Lancome, but soon might be time for a change.

  9. Kamo- I think I'm going to look for that song. Good luck with the finals and the interview!

  10. Flora- Let's go shopping :)

  11. Helg- I need to dig out a sample of the EdM. I have a bottle of the Elixir, but can't remember how they differ.
    I can't wait for the first day of Reverie-appropriate weather.

  12. Jeanne- Another Dzing lover! that's great. My husband and I share a bottle and sometimes have to coordinate who gets to wear it.
    I'm in a Bob Dylan mood lately, too. I can't get enough of "Things Have Changed".

  13. Anita- The haircut and earrings must be lovely. I haven't worn earrings in 15 or 16 years, that was the last time my hair was short enough to let something show.
    I'm with you on t-shirts. My summer uniform is little skirts in colorful prints with a plain v-neck t-shirt.


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