Saturday, March 01, 2008


I'm Not Julia Roberts by Laura Ruby. Blended families struggle in a suburban setting. The book is far less chick-lit and much more literary and sensitive than both the title and the cover suggest.

The Fear You Won't Fall- Joshua Radin. I can't wait till the full album that's due this summer. I saw him live a few years ago, long before his debut album came out, and have been a fan ever since.

frequently worn outfit
A DVF charcoal cashmere wrap dress. Pretty, comfy and incredibly warm.

makeup item
Laura Geller Balance-n-Bronze. It gives me color and a perfect finish, and I find myself reaching for this compact every day.

Tauer Perfumes Incense Rosé. I'll post a full review in a few days. In the meantime: Oh My God!

Grilled cheese sandwiches. With or without a tomato, it's my favorite comfort food.

Hot chocolate made with almond milk. Despite my love for cheese, I actually try to consume less dairy.

guilty pleasure
Milk chocolate. Yes, I know.

bane of my existence
Stepping barefoot into hairballs.

Spring. I'm over this winter thing.

See the Prada sandals above.

What are your current loves?


  1. Here are my current, ever changing, loves:

    Book - The Golden Spur by Dawn Powell, the Villge, the sixties...

    Song - Just A Little Lovin' by Shelby Lynne, she makes it sound like she's singing it just for you.

    Frequently worn outfit - Voile Blanche shoes and Missoni socks.

    Perfume - Paestum Rose, brilliantly composed.

    Food - Risotto.

    Drink - I have kidney stones, so I'm only allowed Acqua di Fiuggi.

    Guilty Pleasure - Chocolate, what else?

    Bane of my existence - Phone at work ringing constantly.

    Anticipation - Spring, so I can turn off the heating and spend the money on something else.

    Wishlist - Paris; it's only 8 hours by train from where I live and I deserve a few days off.

  2. Book = Happy For No Reasson by Marci Shimoff

    Song = Dream a Little Dream of Me, the Stevie Nicks version

    Outfit= Jeans + thermal t-shirt

    Perfume= Musc Ravageur

    Food= Grilled cheese with tomato rice soup

    Makeup Item= Shiseido Lipstick in Nuance Beige

    Guilty Pleasure= Bacon

    Bane of my existence= Ants in my kitchen

    Anticipation= March 9th turning the clocks ahead 1 hour

    Wishlist= Luca Turins new book - Perfumes: The Guide

  3. Book: The Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing by Melissa Bank - of course it has nothing to do with either one, but is a collection of short stories following the life of a girl from childhood on.

    Song: Obsessed with The Killers' cover of Joy Division's "SHadowplay" - can't get enough!

    Frequently worn outfit: I try not to wear it ALL the time, but I love my new "equestrian" sweater in garnet red, with a keyhole neckline closed with a horse's snaffle bit. I pair it with a drapey salt and pepper tweed trouser.

    Perfume: trying not to use up my decant of Carnal Flower too fast. A losing battle - I am in love!

    Food: brown rice cooked with lots of garam masala spice mix, ginger and cardamom. I can eat it with almost any meal.

    Drink: Anything with a splash of pomegranate juice. And my one very big cup of morning coffee, with soy milk and a spoonful of organic cocoa. Since it's he only one I will hav all day, I sip slowly.

    Guilty pleasure: dark chocolate, naturally. And luxurious bath products - currently using B&BW Velvet Tuberose bath and shower cream.

    Bane of my existence: getting up too early. Not a morning person, never have been, never will be.

    Makeup item: i.e. Bare Minerals Mineral Veil - I would give up food to keep this in the house. Fortunately a nice big canister lasts a long time so I can still eat.

    Anticipation: SPRING! I have a garden and I can't wait to see it bloom.

    Wishlist: A real vacation on an island somewhere with no phones and no clocks. Well maybe one clock as long as it's not an alarm clock.

  4. i like posts like this :)

    Book - glamora by bret easton ellis, bend sinister by nabokov

    Song - don't you evah by spoon, here comes the sun by the beatles

    Frequently worn outfit - violet cashmere hoodie from jcrew, equestrian-ish flat boots, jeans.

    Perfume - florence by tocca (which i'm pretty sure you hate, haha)

    Food - cheap and easy soup i've been making.. veggie broth, chick peas, lots of tofu, pot stickers.

    Drink - soy green tea latte.

    Guilty Pleasure - chocolate, sleep (when i can..), rock of love (i know, shut up)

    Bane of my existence - my architecture project.

    Anticipation - spring break, finishing the job hunt.

    Wishlist - ddf aha/bha cleanser, a shampoo/conditioner combo that makes my hair go back to normal, get into the japan abroad program for next year.

  5. Book: 3 Junes by Julia Glass

    Song: Sea of Love by Cat Power

    Frequently worn outfit: Black velvet blazer, black cashmere sweater, dark denim, pink pashmina

    Perfume: Chanel Mademoiselle (I know, overdone)

    Food: Nutella and omlettes

    Drink: White wine

    Guilty pleasures: Fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogs, way too much Starbucks, going to the movie theater to see every American movie that I can

    Bane of my existence: Endless construction outside of my apartment

    Anticipation: Italy for spring break and getting back to America and seeing my family

    Wishlist: Cartier tank watch, Marion Coutillard's Chanel make-up from the Oscars

  6. Had I known you were a grilled cheese girl I would have dragged you and your husband to Surfas in Culver City- the cafe does this grilled cheese involving brie, gorgonzola and raisin bread that would be illegal if they didn't serve it with a salad and make it about a third the size my greedy self wants as opposed to needs..

  7. Edwardian- Missoni socks? How lovely. I have a thing for color, so Missoni is my friend :)
    Paris is about 8 hours by plane for me, so I'm jealous. I'll probably be there later this year. My nose is twitching with excitement, my wallet- with horror.

  8. Joan- I love Musc Ravageur. It alternates for me between cozy and sexy. A perfect thing to hide under a thermal t or a cashmere sweater, and always beautiful.
    We had ants last year. Had to reseal the door frames, pray, do a tribal dance and beg the cats for help. Eventually the ants disappeared, but I'm not sure which of the above did the work.

  9. Flora- I love that book. Have you read her second one, The Wonder Spot? It came out two or three years ago, and while different, it's still a great book.
    That Killers album is great. I adore their Romeo and Juliet cover.

  10. Kelly- Italy for spring break is perfect. I haven't been there in over 4 years and I miss the smells and sights. And the food. Glorious food.

  11. Tom- You had me at brie. And gorgonzola. That's why I can never go fully vegan. We'll have to go there next time. Here it's hard to find a really good grilled cheese that I haven't made myself.

  12. Kamo- I love the comments here, soI think I might make this into a Saturday tradition. Should be fun.
    You're right: I have a problem with Tocca perfumes, but it's more a skin chemistry issue than a nose thing. They just hate me and turn evil when I try them on.


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