Monday, April 07, 2008

Julie Hewett Cream Eyeliner

Confession time: I'm wary of private labels. When I buy something I want to know exactly where it comes from and who makes it. Recently there are more and more makeup lines carrying the names of makeup artists, some more famous than others, and not all lines are created equal.

Seeing that the label on the cream eyeliner from Julie Hewett is a simple sticker has worried me a bit, but it was better than expected. While not in the same league as Bobbi Brown's gel liner, Hue Colour is creamy and easy enough to apply. It goes on smoothly and looks great. I still prefer the lighter gel texture of Bobbi's, just because it's more klutz-friendly.

The biggest drawback is in terms of durability. Without an eye primer, it doesn't survive a full day. True to the promise, it didn't smudge, but it did fade and crease. A primer kept it in place for about 8 hours, but the color wasn't as vibrant. Despite the suggestion to also use it as a shadow for a dramatic smoky eye, I'd avoid it. It creases too much and the creamy texture just can't hold. But as an eyeliner, it's quite nice.

The color I bought was Newsprint Bleu. It's inkish with a bit of grey, on my eyelids it looks similar to Lancome Artliner in smoke, and despite technically being blue, it's almost a neutral, and quite flattering, so you wouldn't get the skank effect often associated with blue eye makeup. The other colors in the collections are too adventurous for me: violet, burgundy and (gasp!) white, but if any of you tries them, please let me know how they look.

Julie Hewett products are available directly from her website (where I purchased mine), as well as from Bliss (they have some exclusives) and QVC.


  1. Oh, this sounds good! I have to find it here in the UK...

  2. I honestly don't find blue eyemakeup skanky at all; any heavy handed application of makeup with make you look like a slag. The key lies in color-choice and judicious application. Navy, denim and cobalt blue look quite nice when applied lightly (and when they're not paired with blue mascara. One or the other, people, one or the other).

    If you're looking for a shade to try, I'd recommend Besame's Peacock Blue, a light denim. It's on sale for $10 and worth a try.


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