Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Laura Geller Powdered Silk Pressed Powder

Like most LVMH-owned companies, Sephora manages to keep annoying me. I'm not even talking about the decline of their fragrance department, or lamenting the good old days when you could buy Chanel and Bobbi Brown at Sephora stores. What gets to me is the way they drop the smaller makeup lines. The list is endless: Anna Sui, Becca, Alison Raffaele, Paula Dorf. At least they still carry Laura Geller, and the prices seem to be lower than on Ms. Geller's own website (which looks 1999 fab).

I bought my compact of Powdered Silk after playing with it at Sephora a few months ago. I immediately noticed the great texture and how soft and smooth my face looked. It blends with any other face products I use, be it my Chanel foundation or any blushes and bronzers I happen to wear that day, both cream and powders. The result is always flawless and polished.

I feel that a good finishing powder makes the difference in a put-together face. Just like the way an Ikea piece usually doesn't measure up to well-made furniture (and I'm saying this as an avid Ikea shopper. I have to be, since she who has a houseful of felines cannot invest or get too attached to perishable home decor. And almost everything is perishable when it comes to my beasties). The colors can be nice and the design clever, but I don't want that kind of rough finish on my face.

Another great selling point for this powder is its durability. It stays in place all day and all evening, doesn't melt or cake after a short walk in the rain and keeps my skin nice and smooth without drying it out (which means that if your skin is very oily, this might not work) . The puff that comes in the package is flimsy and pointless, so I don't bother with it. A good powder brush delivers the best results, and from my experience, only a little product is needed for optimal results.

There are three colors available: light, medium and dark. I'm using light and it's a perfect match because I don't want any extra color on top of whatever else I'm using under it. I tried the medium and it seems a bit too tan/orange, so your mileage may vary.

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