Tuesday, April 22, 2008

You Are Gold

My annoyance with Chanel's spring collection is already documented here. Truth be told, spring/summer collection are rarely as exciting as fall offering. Maybe it's all the pink, or maybe there's something else at the works. Just like Vogue's September issue is usually more interesting than the almost equally lethal March one. Whatever it is, there's a good chance that Chanel would redeem their reputation with their 2008 color collection.

Their new creative director, Peter Phillips (not the Peter Phillips who was the first person to call Queen Elizabeth II "Granny", but the name made me somewhat amused) is continuing the gold rush theme from a couple of seasons back, but this time, at least judging from the picture on WWD, the color is deeper and a little more interesting. I still had to stifle a yawn when reading about the inspiration behind the collection: Once again, it's the famous Coco Chanel Rue Cambon apartment. We've been through this multiple times before, but what do I know? My habitat, with its stacks of books, rows of CDs and the occasional feline that tops them would never inspire anyone to create an evocative nail polish.

The jewel in this golden crown is the Gold Fiction nail polish, which is supposed to be made with special pigments, rendering its honey-gold color deeper and with an excellent finish. It's outrageously priced at $30, but the people at Chanel are predicting a big success. They might be right. An innovative formula and a special color which is pretty, wearable and wouldn't scare children and small animals can go a long way. On my covet list there's also the promised eye shadow quad palette which will include gold, coffee, ivory and dark green.

Not bad.

Info and images: WWD. Model: Natalia Vodianova


  1. Hey, Gaia..
    I really like ur blog. I like it so much, I think I'll need a daily dose of ur no-nonsense attitude towards the big make-up companies.

    Btw, I wondered what it was that made me gel so good with ur ideas.. and then I discovered u r a scorpio too :)

  2. LOL on the yawn on the inspiration coming from the appartment...an endless pit of ideas, is it? ;-)
    She didn't even live in the darn place!

  3. Mukho- Thank you! Yes, scorpios are special :)

  4. Helg- I'm entertaining a thought to make a list of all Rue Cambon inspired products and marketing gimmicks. And then come up with a mock inspiration for similar or different products.

  5. That's a great idea! Go on and do it!


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