Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Snow Report

February: always winter but never Christmas.
The trees in my back yard are "blooming" with snow.  This is the result of yesterday's storm, and another one is about to start any minute now; the forecast shows the same for Sunday. At this point I'm ready to rebel against the White Witch or whoever is responsible for this miserable state of things.

I need something to cheer me up. Tonight's perfume was vintage Narciss Noir, a magnificent beast that banished the ugly slush of  NYC streets and added elegance to the heavy boots and boring black coat. It's Elements week and while I'm hoping for excitement, the list of exhibitors in the show has never been shorter. Still, there will be new perfumes and old friends who will greet each other with "Here! Sniff me now!".

I have several perfume reviews in the works, from the rest of Francis Kurkdjian's Oud Mood trio (current mood: grumpy) to the brilliant new(ish) Italian line Masque Milano. But right now I want to surround myself with familiar faces, and do the perfume equivalent of comfort eating: scents full of Turkish Delight (here's that White Witch again), roaring fires, and fuzzy coats. Also add a night of vintage Shalimar and a day in Bandit to make it better.

What are you wearing this week? How do you cheer yourself up in the dead of winter?


  1. Alas, when these weather fronts come through, I get migraines and cannot enjoy ANY type of perfume. I don't normally have an acute sense of smell, but when I get a migraine I can smell EVERYTHING! I wish that was my normal sense of smell!

    But vintage Shalimar sounds incredible. How far back are you going when you say vintage. I have a bottle of EDT that is probably 35-40 years old and it smells just like lemon cheesecake and has wonderful lasting power.

  2. I live in Boston. Lots of snow! A complete white out right now. I have brought out the Kenzo Jungle Elephant to get me through the day.

  3. Oh, thanks much for more snow pictures. It's truly beautiful, but I cannot imagine having to put up with it for weeks on end. I heard Mr. Roker say this morning that New Jersey is in the path of a horrible ice storm. The Northeast will remain in prayers. Isn't it grand that perfume can lift spirits so effectively? Today, I am wearing Grand Cuir by Parfums Retro. Over the past few days, I have worn MKK from Serge Lutens, Doir's Hypnotic Poison, Aftelier Ancient Resins Body Oil, and Tobacco Vanille/Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford. Hope you all get a break soon with a few warmer days. Take care, Judy

  4. I've been turning to Serge Lutens Fleurs D'oranger a lot. I've been trying to show my full bottles more love, and I think the cumin makes me feel warm.

    If I don't have anywhere to drive I love the snow, it makes everything so bright (good for us SAD sufferers) and if I can light a fire inside, I love to hunker down. Stay warm!

  5. Yesterday, I wore vintage Balenciaga Cialenga on one hand and Amouage Beloved on the other. This worked well because they are both chypres and, as I had suspected, somewhat similar. The vintage Cialenga has more of that bitter green note, Beloved is sweeter. It was fun to wear them together. For today, I like your idea of Shalimar! Really jealous of the snow but realize it's a challenge - take care everyone in the northeast! nozknoz

  6. I'm tired of shoveling snow and I'm getting tired of waking up early to check the weather outside to decide if I can get to work or not. I may be a heathen but I do like Lancome's La vie est belle and it smells warm and cozy on my skin and it's quite helpful in the crowded subways where the lingering scent can distract me from the strangers squeezing from all sides.

  7. Love how you describe trees "blooming" with snow. Winter comfort for me has meant lots of warm soups and vegetable tarts, making sure I have a sufficiently large back log of favorite tv shows/movies to watch while on my treadmill and, unfortunately, while I'm pretty good at keeping to a strict budget in spring and summer - in winter, not so much. Succumb far too easily to temptations online. And I indulge in magical thinking, staring at calendars and willing time to speed on and warmer months to arrive.
    Top rotation scents so far this week have been Molyneux le Numero Cinq, Coty Le Vertige and Meteor, vintage Piguet Calypso (somehow vintage scents often seem warm, comforting to me), Jil Sander Woman 2, MKK, MdO Jabu and Eau Absolue, AG Hadrien and Aftelier Cacao.


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