Thursday, February 20, 2014

Rouge Bunny Rouge Makeup Brushes: 014 Highlighter & 016 Blender

Rouge Bunny Rouge 014 Highlighter Brush and 016 Blender Brush are a prime example of top-of-the-line synthetic makeup brushes. They look and feel like professional tools, well-balanced and packing some weight. The hair is as soft as it is dense, and feels wonderful even against sensitive and winter-weary skin. The other Rouge Bunny Rouge brushes I have are made of natural hair (Large Shader 003 and Blusher 002), so this was my first encounter with their synthetic ones. I'm very impressed.

The 014 Highlighter brush is a very versatile tool. Of course, you can use it for applying liquid or powder (it really is dense enough for powder) highlighter to the top of your cheekbones, but it's just as perfect for precision fave work, blending foundation and concealer, priming the entire eye lid-- it works. You can see above that it's slightly wider and flatter than Bobbi Brown Eye Sweep brush, so it really is an unusual size for a face brush and definitely fills a vacancy in brush collection, as it's softer (and generally of a  better quality) than Armani Blender Brush or Louise Young LY11.

Rouge Bunny Rouge 016 Blender Brush is another unique tool. It's a big and puffy (though not fluffy) eye blending brush that can also work for concealing and for smudging. In shape it's similar to the discontinued Sephora #13, but the way it works is close to the wonderful Hakuhodo G5527 (which is made of squirrel hair). Obviously, the RBR brush is domed and not pointy like the Hakuhodo, but because the latter is rather large, it's not exactly a precision brush, so not much is lost. If you're looking for a vegan alternative to the  G5527, this is your best bet. It's a must-have as far as I'm considered (as long as you have the lid space).

Rouge Bunny Rouge Makeup Brushes: 014 Highlighter ($33) & 016 Blender ($30) are available from,, and very soon also at Twisted Lily in Brooklyn.
The products in  this review were sent for my consideration.


  1. Nice to see a comparison with the Armani brush, which I own!

  2. I saw this blog post and had to buy the brushes. They showed up today and I love them! They are so soft and so dense--I can't wait to play with them. (I uploaded a YouTube video where I make a fool out of myself raving about them, if you're curious.)


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