Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Want: Tomtom Jewelry Crossed Rein Collar

From Costume Norway magazine. Notice the matching cuff.

I'm in a serious covetous mood. TomTom is a Los Angeles-based jewelry line (all items are made in L.A.) which seems to be a celeb favorite. I've noticed them before, but the photo below of Ashley Greene wearing a different TomTom necklace made me go to their website and develop an instant lust for this gold-plated collar necklace. There's something about the almost art deco sensibilities, and the graphic lines against soft skin that makes this necklace extra desirable.

$220 on (the one Ashley Greene is wearing is Chevron Prix Collar, $350).

Photos via TomTom Jewelry and Zimbio.


  1. That is fabulous. And so versatile.

  2. I'm not usually a fan of geometric pieces but I think it's beautiful!

  3. So beautiful. Geometric yet somehow so fluid.


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