Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentino Pumps For Valentine's Day

Since we're supposed to get 2-4" of more snow on Thursday, I'll be wearing knee-high boots when going out on Valentine's Day. I'll be wearing my favorite red coat, though (I have three red coats, which should tell you something).  But a girl can dream, and for those of you who live somewhere where you can bare your legs outside of the shower these days, here's my pick for the perfect Valentine's Day shoes: Valentino tri-tone scalloped pumps. They have 4" heels and a pointed toe, and would make the most ordinary LBD appear much more exiting. I'm not sure if the flat footed among us (that would be me) can actually wear them, as these pumps have minimal material on the sides, just a tiny bit more than d'orsay-style shoes (which I can't wear: my ridiculous feet slide right out of them). As I said: a girl can and should dream.

$895 at net-a-porter.com.


  1. Those are gorgeous.

  2. These are so gorgeous! J' adore

  3. I can only dream. My feet would laugh at me if I attempted to wear such a shoe!

  4. OMG!!!
    Dreamy dreamy shoes !!!



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