Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Chanel Large Tapered Blending Brush #19

Here's another Chanel makeup brush I've had for quite a while (a year, more or less) and have been using it so often that I never got to take a photo (as it's always on active duty). Recently Chanel has redone this brush and it now has a white head (I'm assuming of goat hair) instead of the dark one you see here. Not all counters have the new white brush (or perhaps they're selling the older ones first), so I figured it'd be a good idea to show you this version when it's still available.

Chanel Large Tapered Blending Brush #19 is a great multitasker. It's not really that large (and only somewhat tapered), more of a classic blending and crease brush. You can see it next to the new NARS #44 which is slightly smaller, but the closest in size and shape is the wonderful Suqqu M. Remember though that the Suqqu brush is made of squirrel hair and is much softer. Still, Chanel eye brush #19 is an impressive blending brush, very sturdy and effective with reasonably good quality hair. Like the other Chanel brushes it's made in China and comes in the usual black velveteen pouch.

Bottom Line: not exactly Suqqu, but one of the best in class and holds better than MAC 217.

Chanel Large Tapered Blending Brush #19 ($38) is available at the counters and from chanel.com.

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