Thursday, August 07, 2014

Laura Mercier Envy Creme Eyeliner- Fall 2014

Sensual Reflections, the Fall 2014 collection by Laura Mercier, includes a new color in the Creme Eyeliner range. Envy, a limited edition deep green with a matte finish. Laura Mercier is also including the repromoted eyeliner in Espresso, for those who don't do green, but I'm all for colorful eyeliners (I pair them with a touch of neutral eye shadow, usually taupe or bronze).

Envy looks great with the new matte eye shadows from this collection (review next week). There's something about wearing dark green for fall (you may remember the Ivy League collection Bobbi brown offered five years ago). It feels like a fresh start, a back to school kind of thing (it's the only time of the year I miss teaching). Laura Mercier Creme Eyeliners are perfect for long work or school days: they set right away and don't melt or budge, no matter what. Removal requires a dual-phase or oil cleanser, or a really goad soak in micellar water.

Bottom Line: not just for green freaks.

Laura Mercier limited edition Envy Creme Eyeliner for Fall 2014 ($24) is available from most department stores and online at


  1. LOL! I immediately thought of the Ivy League collection, even before scrolling down. I was sad to have to admit when my Forest Shimmer Ink had well and truly dried up beyond reasonable use.
    Transition to Autumn is when I tend to miss being a student - something about new beginnings, fresh slate – all the good stuff, before the stress sets in!

    I was amused by the third Ralph Lauren picture in your Ivy League post from 2009 – it looks like Julia Stiles taken straight out of Mona Lisa Smile.

  2. This is the perfect shade of green! Eep this is so tempting!

  3. I just bought a green gel liner from tarte... but now I'm tempted to get this one! I mean, who am I kidding? I can't get enough of green eye products in my life!


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