Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Laura Mercier Pomegranate Stickgloss

I have several items from the Laura Mercier fall collection to show you (I may or may not have gone a bit nuts), but before I get to them here's something that landed on my doorstep: Laura Mercier Pomegranate Stickgloss. It's a great transition to fall color, and also answers a question from a reader who asked about a modern way to resurrect the brown lipstick look of the 1990s.

Pomegranate is a brownish red (or a reddish brown). It's a warm color and definitely on-trend, and goes well with the gold, copper, and rich green hues of the season. The semi-sheer and glossy formula of Laura Mercier Stickgloss keeps it not only a pleasure to wear (it feels pampering and balmy), but also light and not too brown. There's more than enough pigment there-- the natural pink (almost purple) color of my lips is toned down and the effect is quite lovely.

The Stickgloss formula is scented and smells lipsticky . The fragrance lingers longer than I expected (some Laura Mercier lip products are like that). I don't mind it, but if you're very sensitive don't order without checking it in person.

Bottom Line: Like.

Laura Mercier Pomegranate Stickgloss ($23) is available at the counters and from lauramercier.com. The product for this review was sent by PR.


  1. Another beauty from Laura Mercier. I wear a lot of her creations.

  2. That is a lovely shade. For some reason I have been obsessed with these kind of shades lately. Will be looking forward to read your thoughts on the rest of LM collection.

  3. Ohhh, LOVE! I must try this and soon. I was a very big (huge) fan of the brown lipstick thing from the 90's. That, and Color 95 color story from Prescriptives were my "look". The only thing is the fragrance thing - so I'll have to try it beforehand just to be sure I can handle the scent.

  4. reddish brown? Sounds like my kind of color! Definitely thinking about ordering this now... It just sounds like a great everyday fall shade

  5. I bought this when at the LM counter, after remembering your post, and gosh, is it beautiful. Never would have thought to look for it based on the name or typically inaccurate LM website photo and there was no tester at my local store, so thank you very much for the swatch.


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