Monday, August 11, 2014

NARS Dolomites Eye Shadow Duo- Fall 2014

Dolomites eye shadow duo is one of two NARS limited edition pairs for fall 2014 (Night Caller Collection). I passed on the other one, Jardin Perdu (a purple and gray combination), but was drawn to this one, a shimmery dusty rose and satin chocolate pudding kind of thing. It's slightly outside of my comfort zone, which was part of the attraction, but still wearable and highly pleasing. The rosy side is actually really striking. It changes with the light, sometimes appearing more mauve. I was also impressed with the brown side, which on skin looks much more complex than it sounds.

The texture is the usual NARS affair. Saturated in pigment, very fine shimmer, little to no fallout (depending on the brush), and easy to apply and blend. I use a lay-down brush from the middle of the lid outwards, and a semi-fluffy blending brush to finish the look. My preference is to use the brown shade as the main color, and dab a bit of the rose on top right in the middle, so it doesn't turn out pink. It creates a quick look that appears a lot more elaborate than the 45 seconds per eye it takes. You can also use the rose shade to line under the lower lashes, but I'm not sure it's a good look for me personally. Another thing I've tried was mixing the two colors together but wasn't too enamored with the result, as each color has something special in it that gets lost otherwise.

Bottom line: even more versatile than I expected.

NARS Dolomites Eye Shadow Duo ($35) is a limited edition for Fall 2014. Available at the counters, Sephora, and


  1. I was just ordering Jardin Perdu at NM...

  2. Really gorgeous. I was thinking of getting this one or Sugar-land but couldn't decide :) Laura x


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