Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Shiseido Veiled Rouge Lipstick RD302 Rosalie & RD707 Mischief

I have a couple of fail-safe brands, lines that I know that no matter where I am in the world, as long as there's a Shiseido or a Laura Mercier counter within reach I will be alright (zombie apocalypse notwithstanding). Thus, a new formula of just about anything from Shiseido means shopping. This time it was the new Veiled Rouge lipstick, a rich and balmy sheer lipstick that still packs enough pigment to make a difference and leaves a stain and enough moisture on the lip even after the glossy finish has transferred to one's tea cup.

And this is my one gripe about the list of promises the nice people of Shiseido made in the press release. My comments are in italics.
"Shiseido Veiled Rouge is a long-wearing (longer than a gloss), hydrating lipstick (true and then some) with transfer-resistant (totally not true) color that stays put, (as a light and pretty stain) locking in color and adding luster all day long (whatever)."
Why make promises that this really good and pampering lipstick can't keep? It's a not a unique or revolutionary formula, but it's a product that will make people happy as long as they're not expecting a Tom Ford performance. This slim lipstick takes little space in a makeup bag, and the sheer formula ensures a quick and easy application from the tube and an easy matching to whatever else one is wearing. Veiled Rouge has no scent or taste, and the sheen is quite minimal (no actual particles).

Rosalie Rd302 is a warm coral-based pink that on  dark lips such as mine appears like a natural barely-there enhancement, almost like a tinted lip balm (it definitely feels like that). Mischief RD707 is a sheer berry red, for those who don't wish  to commit to a sultry look but want that punchy sexy look in a color that is almost universally flattering. Both are perfect daytime/officewear lipstick. low maintenance and easy to retouch on the go. Shiseido has every reason to be proud of it without over-promising that only ends up hurting the product.

Bottom Line: Yes, please.

Shiseido Veiled Rouge Lipstick RD302 Rosalie & RD707 Mischief ($25 each) are available at the counters and online.


  1. Those look beautiful! I'm headed to downtown Sf tomorrow, may give these a quick swipe!

  2. The Veiled Rouge replaces the "Shimmering Rouge", which I happen to love! I have had a hard time finding this new formula at my local Shiseido counters. I guess they are not out yet in full swing? "Rosalie" looks like I shade I would go for.


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