Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hakuhodo Small Yachiyo Brushes (Pointed and Purple)

Each size of Hakuhodo Yachiyo brushes comes in two shapes, pointed and blunt (called "purple" on the Hakuhodo website). I've previously discussed the pointed Yachiyo in all three sizes (see it here) and they're among my very favorite blush brushes, especially the medium one, which is the perfect size and shape for just about any blush in my collection.

The small Yachiyo brushes give a lot of control over application and are also pretty good at blending. I still prefer the pointed, especially when dealing with very dark and saturated blushes (such as Chanel Rouge). The small tip picks up a tiny bit of product and then blends it to perfection with its soft goat hair. The almost flat head of the "purple" Yachiyo spreads a little too much for my taste, but it is quite useful with cream blushes. While sheer cream blushes are usually better applied with a denser brush (Julie Hewett Cheekie is a good example), when there's a need to blend more, the "purple" Yachiyo is a good choice.

The purple Yachiyo has a pretty handle covered with cane in a traditional design (the inside looks like plastic). The head is made of white goat hair and the size is just over an inch in length and width (10mm at the ferrule's base). The pointed one is similar in proportions.

Bottom Line: I prefer the pointed brush.

Hakuhodo small Yachiyo purple ($21) and pointed ($22) are available from hakuhodousa.com. They ship internationally.


  1. I absolutely love all the Hakuhodo posts. Thank you!

  2. Hello,
    I have a question for you :
    What do you use for washing your Hakuhodo brushes ?



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