Friday, July 01, 2011

Hakuhodo S103 Blush Brush

Hakuhodo S103 brush is not just a great beauty and Sophie-soft. The pointed shape of the goat hair head and the incredible perfection of density/firmness balance make this Japanese brush one of my absolute favorites. It's excellent for directional application of blush, as it's narrow enough but without giving the dreaded harsh stripe of blush look.

The Hakuhodo S103 is actually a multi-tasker, as it can also be used for contouring or powder highlighters; it was created with cheekbones in mind and actually helps me find mine (or at least create the illusion I have any). I can't praise the S103 enough for the incredible design and quality. You have to touch it and feel it on your face to get how amazing a tool it is: so soft and yet firm enough and never floppy. I love using this Hakuhodo brush when I'm mixing a couple of blush colors on the back of my hand before applying- it blends perfectly, more than any other brush I have.

You can see that the head is nearly identical to the cute Kabuki brush by Addiction. I use them as backup for each other. The Yachio brushes (my review of NARS Yachio here), which I love for their performance and the safety net they give with intense-colored blushes, are not nearly as soft as the S103 and too wide for highlighting or a directional use of powder. The pointy part of the S103 makes it good for powder touch ups, under eye setting and shading under the chin. This brush earns its keep for me while always looking gorgeous.

It's worth noting that Hakuhodo offers two other brushes with similar shape and the same head measurements:  203 Powder brush pointed, $47,  (E0102) from the 200 series and B103BkSL Powder Blush Brush pointed, $72, (E1103) from the basic series. I don't have them so I can't compare.

Bottom Line: I often whisper sweet nothings to this brush.

Hakuhodo S103 Blush Brush ($76) is available from

All photos are mine.


  1. i also have this brush and i love it for contouring. it's similar to the MAC 138 so i use these two as back ups for each other ;)

  2. Could you please review the larger brush too? I searched and I didn't find it on the blog, hopefully I didn't miss it.

  3. What a spectacular brush; it's just honed to perfection on single every detail.

    This is only tangentially related, but I'm also drooling over these Chikuhodo direct brushes. I want that tiny, super-tapered, grey squirrel detail brush!

  4. ketoglutara, I'm considering another backup. Will probably go with the basic Hakuhodo.

  5. Rads, I saw that you already saw the recent review :) . Consider yourself enabled.

  6. Dain, I've been fantasizing on the entire line. I wish they'd do a Hakuhodo and offer an e-commerce site so I can sell my soul to them.


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