Monday, July 27, 2015

Chanel Fall 2015 Alezane Joues Contraste Blush Collection Les Automales

It's been a long time since I fell in love with an entire Chanel collection. Les Automnales for fall 2015 hit the spot for me in such a way I actually had to make difficult decisions on what I can live without (mostly eyeliners. Let's face it: not Chanel's strongest suit). But I had to get the blush.

Alezane (#260) is a stunning terracotta color, on trend with the back to the 1990s warm browns and a perfect transition into fall shade that coordinates well with the eye quad that I'll show you later in the week. The swatch speaks for itself, but there's one issue that needs to be addressed: sparkle. Lots and lots of sparkle.

The texture of Alezane itself is silky and incredibly beautiful, on par with Chanel's greatest. Dipping your finger or brush (any brush. It works with everything) into the beautiful dome is a pleasure, as is blending it onto the cheeks. However, the teeny tiny gold flecks you barely see in the pan or in the arm swatch show up much more on the face and they're actually a veil of micro gold glitter that cannot be ignored. There's so much of these particles that I'm not sure this Chanel Blush is workplace appropriate. Personally I don't care. I don't have an office job and don't need to rush into PTA meetings and such. But the visible glitter, as finely milled as it appears, is enough to make me not wear a highlighter with this blush under any circumstances, and question the powers-that-be at Chanel what exactly they were thinking.

Azelane is such a beautiful blush, warm and very Mediterranean in feel. But I know that the amount of gold sparkle would make many people pause before buying or wearing it, which is a shame. This color and texture would delight many otherwise, and had the potential to be a cult blush.

Bottom Line: are you ready to shine?

Chanel Fall 2015 Alezane Joues Contraste Blush ($45, made in France) from Collection Les Automales is available online from and is arriving at the counters as we speak.


  1. Hi Gaia!
    I just saw the Chanel Fall colors and picked up the Rouge Coco Shine in Temeraire 112, it is a beautiful berry-rose and perfect for day time. :)

  2. This blush isn't for me, but I have to disagree about Chanel's eye pencils! Their Stylor Yeux Waterproof
    Eyeliner in Noir Intense is a mainstay for me! I also have several other shades that get used regularly, Santal for one.

    1. Hi Bisbee,

      I also like Chanel crayon yeux pencils. Starting a couple of seasons back, Chanel started putting out pencils that were much softer and more pigmented than the older iterations. They glide on without tugging, have a bit of smudge time before setting, and then hang in there as well as any other waterproof liner currently on the market. It's the gel like texture that has made the difference. From this particular collection, I picked up Feuille which is a blacked green that looks gorgeous with the Tissé D'Automne quad. The only reason I gave the other pencils a miss was because I've got quite an assortment of burnished browns, bronzes, and coppers already in my stash. Feuille; however, was unique.

  3. I swatched this collection over the weekend. The eyeliners seemed creamy and smooth. But past performance of the liners still swayed me to hold off. Even on my arm I got a huge amount of sparkle, so this blush just isn't for me. After a certain age sparkle on the face just comes off clownish and like you're trying too hard. Sigh. Otherwise, it's a very beautiful color and sans sparkle I would have made it mine.


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