Thursday, July 30, 2015

Chanel Glossimer Chêne Rouge Fall 2015

Yes, I know, it's a lip gloss. Nothing revolutionary, just a shiny colored gel for the lips. But I've been a fan of Chanel Glossimer formula long before I started blogging, and have always adored the complex colors they's been offering. I've finished several in recent months, so it was time to treat myself to a new one, and Chêne Rouge from Chanel Fall 2015 collection was the perfect one. With a name like "Red Oak" it doesn't come more autumnal, and the deep red with a roasted tomato base is stunning.

The gloss has no scent or taste, stickiness level is at a minimum (Chanel were doing this back when wearing a Lancome lip  gloss was like walking around with an insect trap on your mouth). The shimmer is beyond fine, and the shine is acceptable for adults. It doesn't stay on past the first cup of tea, but who cares, when you can pull the elegant tube out of your purse and reapply?

Bottom Line: Irresistible.

Chanel Glossimer Chêne Rouge for Fall 2015 ($30, made in France) is available at the counters and from

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  1. Arghh Gaia! You've had me umming and ahhing over getting both. They've only just recently come out in Australia (Sydney is very cold right now) and when I rang one Chanel store they had run out of Temeraire. Was able to get that online from a department store and so nearly got the Chene gloss. Am hoping that it eventually turns up on Strawberrynet. Well done! You've beaten a lot of bloggers to the punch with good pictures of these lippies. What did you think of the Rouge Allure Velvet Bouleversante?



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