Thursday, July 30, 2015

Currently- July 2015

Re Jane by Patricia Park. A modern retelling of Jane Eyre, relocated to the outer boroughs and with an Asian American twist. I'm enjoying it so far.

Anna Regina from Wolf Hall. I found the miniseries unwatchable, but the music is haunting and beautiful.

Last week we binge-watched Transparent, and now I can't wait to the next season. Jeffery Tambor deserves every award in the universe.

Frequently Worn Item/Outfit
Little crochet cardigans over summer dresses to deal with the heat-to-arctic-blasts. And hats. I can't go out without a hat.

Mortal skin by 777 Stephane Humbert Lucas. Review coming next week, but I can already tell you that I'm completely engrossed by it.

Chanel fall collection. t's been a long time since Chanel nailed it so perfectly.

Guilty Pleasure
Diet Coke. Sometimes I just can't help myself.

Pasta in a light buttery lemon sauce.

Itchy skin.

Peter the Cat had a(nother) minor surgery and has recovered beautifully. The vet says he doesn't quite understand this cat, but gave him a clean bill of health. Excellent news when it's your fourteen year old much beloved creature who's had various issues for his entire life.

Various house guests.

A fabulous statement piece. I don't even know of what kind, but I just want something with impact.

Random Thought
I'd rather hear more about the Kardashians than about Ben Affleck and the nanny.

How are you doing? Please share your recommendations, loves, banes, and random thoughts!

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  1. If you found Wolf Hall unwatchable, did you take a gander at the book? I found the book absolutely unreadable! And for me, that is saying something.

    I am afraid I have two guilty pleasures. One has been looking at photos of Richard Armitage (he played Thorin Oakenshield) on YouTube. A lot of photos taken of him show him with a stern, no nonsense type of facial expression but when he smiles, those baby blues just melt your heart! The second guilty pleasure is that I have become totally immersed in the miniseries "Outlander." (I don't have Starz or Direct TV, I had to wait until it came to Google Play). Or I am "obsessed" as everyone seems to be now.

    I am in total anticipation of the next set of 8 episodes of "Outlander" which will come to Google Play in the fall.

    My random thought is I'm glad that Peter came out okay. I know how we can love our fur babies.

    My favorite food for summertime would be a sliced juicy, acidic tomato on bread with Kraft Mayonnaise. And if I have time, fry some bacon to add to the sandwich.

  2. I always love your "Currently" postings.

    Book: A Red Herring Without Mustard (love this mystery series by Alan Bradley) and Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichi

    Music: Nothing special, but on the podcast front, I've been listening to "classic" episodes of the radio show "Loveline" - takes me back to being an adolescent in the mid-90s (for better or for worse...)

    TV: Real Housewives. Judge away - ha!
    I watched Transparent this past winter and loved it. Tambor was amazing and I also love Judith Light.

    Frequently Worn Item/Outfit: It's so hot, I'm just rockin' a cargo short and tank everyday after work.

    Perfume: I've been leaning out of fragrances lately (probably the aforementioned heat). When I do spritz, it's Blenheim Bouquet or a similar citrus cologne.

    Makeup: Simple, simple, simple but with a red lip to go with my summer navies.

    Guilty Pleasure: See above re. Real Housewives. But I don't feel that guilty....

    Food: Bread & butter pickle chips from my deli. They're the "fresh" kind so they're crunchy and perfect straight out of the fridge.

    Bane: Seriously, 16 more months of "election season"?

    Anticipation: My brother an his (hopefully by the time they arrive) fiancee are visiting soon!

    Wishlist: a breezy, coolly elegant summer wardrobe - but I hate shopping and spending money. So if it could just be teleported to my closet, that would be fab.

  3. Very glad to hear Peter is doing well!

    TV: Shetland - I enjoy the mysteries, but I think its primary appeal for me right now is the setting - cool, cloudy Scottish countryside. I'm not sure I'd enjoy it as much in winter, but at the height of an extremely hot, humid summer, it feels like the AC is temporarily cranked up just watching it (although, God knows, I never lose my appreciation of warm weather).

    Outfits: I seem to be wearing an inordinate amount of white, blue and black right now. Need to insert some other colors. Very pale yellow is calling my name. And I'm with you on the hats - can't live without them.

    Food: Blueberries from our back yard. And am trying to convince myself that I can overcome an aversion to kimchi, which I've had since childhood. My head tells me I should love it, but my tastebuds are obstinately refusing to agree.

    Perfume: Have been working my way through an overflowing sample bowl in a sort of soul need for achieving more order in our home and finally being able to file these away.

    Joy: Going out walking in the very, very early morning, well before the sun has come up and there's the bliss of feeling entirely alone in the world under the night sky. In the winter I can't do this because it's just too cold, but it's one of the best things for me about summer, although it does make a daytime nap absolutely essential.

  4. Books: Binge-reading mysteries. Currently on book 4 of the Cooper and Fry series by Stephen Booth.

    Perfume: Skive from Canoe Goods. When I realize that you, Luca Turin, and Mark Behnke had all loved it, I knew it was a safe blind buy. Wonderful! Also working on a Bruno Fazzolari sample set.

    Bane: It's been too hot to enjoy walking in the DC area. I need to follow Anna's example and get up before dawn.

    Best wishes to Peter! nozknoz

  5. Book
    Gary Lachman: Turn Off Your Mind: The Mystic Sixties and The Dark Side Of The Age of Aquarius

    Metric: Youth Without Youth

    Classic French crime films

    Frequently worn item
    Inouïtoosh scarf

    Parfumerie Grenerale scents are still going strong, Iris Oriental (FKA Iris Taizo) went to my wishlist

    MAC Victoriana or Tenor Voice lipstick (from the Isabel and Ruben Toledo collection)

    summer cabbage

  6. Makeup: My only makeup (if you could call it that since it is so minimal) in this oppressive heat is a drop or two of Cover Fx Custom Cover Drops mixed into my daily facial mineral sunscreen so I don't have a white cast from the sunscreen and Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer for my under eye area.

    Book: "The Power of Now"

    Bane: Authors who take ideas from or rewrite beloved classics. They should of think of their own original story.

    Anticipation: Autumn!


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