Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Marc Jacobs Enamored Lips & Nails

This bunch of irresistible lip and nail colors came from Marc Jacobs and brightened a soggy summer day a few weeks ago. The shades are rather timeless, but have enough punch to make them fun for summer. And since when can I resist a good red nail polish?

The glosses, Marc Jacobs Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer, are semi sheer. The texture is among my favorites, not too sticky and very (very!) moisturizing. It reminds me of Cover FX Mint Glaze (do they still make it?) both in scent/smell and in the nice effect they have on the lips. Since the glosses actually contain peppermint oil those of you who are sensitive should avoid it. The colors I was sent are:
Love Drunk- a true mauve with barely noticeable gold shimmer (I had to tweak the lighting and find the perfect angle so you can actually see it). This is my favorite of the three and most days it lives in my purse for touchups.
Moonglow- a beige pink/nude that is 100% not my color, so I haven't tested it on my lips beyond the arm swatch. A friend with a better coloring than mine is getting it.
Uproar- a light orange shimmer that gives my lips just enough color to coordinate with a warm makeup look. It's easy to wear, fun, and can make the perfect orange for those afraid of orange lips.

I already knew that Marc Jacobs Enamored  Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer formula is utterly lovely (I had and shattered Delphine before I had the chance to show it to you). It applies easily and has a decent longevity for a non-salon brand (four days before you see tip-wear). These days I get color gel done on my nails (it's worth a separate post), but I take my own colors to salon for my pedicure, and these perform perfectly (and get many compliments from the techs and other patrons).

Jezebel- Cherry red, cream finish, my signature color. It's as close as anything can get to the glorious (discontinued) RBL Killa Red. Three coats recommended, two are the minimum.
Le Charm- Shimmery peach with extra silver shimmer. It's a bottled summer day, requires two coats. The photo on Sephora's website couldn't be more off.
Petra. A Stunning complex silvered dark purple with some warm/bronze leaning. One coat is enough, which makes me love it even more. Photos don't do justice, and I think I'm going to break a three month red streak and get it on my toes tomorrow.

Bottom Line: Yes, please.

Marc Jacobs Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer ($28 each) and Enamored  Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer ($18 each) are available from Sephora. All the products for this review were sent by PR.

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