Saturday, October 24, 2015

Maureen O'Hara (1920- 2015)

Maureen O'Hara quotes:

"In a career that has lasted for over 60 years, I have acted, punched, swashbuckled, and shot my way through an absurdly masculine profession."
"I was tough. I was tall. I was strong. I didn't take any nonsense from anybody."
"They said my nose was too big and they wanted to bob my nose. I said, sorry. If that's what you want, buy me a ticket and I'll go home."



  1. Lovely post. She was a classic beauty for the ages.

  2. She was always so beautiful. I wanted to wear clothes just like she wore in The Parent Trap when I was a little girl, she was the epitome of glamour in my eyes.

  3. I can't believe anyone would tell her to alter that beautiful face. She had fire and pluck and I loved that about her. I recommend her movies The Hunchback of Notre Dame and The Quiet Man.

  4. Loved her in The Quiet Man...... what a movie - with John Wayne too.

  5. Beautiful red hair girl...unforgetable in " The quiet man"....


  6. Love the photos and quotes you chose. How astonishing that they wanted to alter her nose! Insanity.


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