Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Olivia Palermo x Ciaté London Satin Kiss Lipstick: Velveteen, Praline, Cashmere, Truffle

Ciaté London broke into the scene a few years ago with their nail products. They had stunning manicure kits with tiny beads, metallic flecks,, m&ms (the last one is a joke) and all kinds of stuff that I admit buying for my kindergarten-aged nieces. Since then the company has been branching out into face makeup, and doing so in a beautiful and confident way, as is evident by their collaboration with Olivia Palermo for their Olivia Palermo x Ciaté London line. I admit that I'm a big fan girl of this taste-maker who has a real taste (kind of a rarity in a Kardashian world. And ok, she also has an adorable little dog). And the four colors of the Satin Kiss lipstick are an excellent example.

First two photos below: Olivia Palermo on Instagram

My two favorite colors from Olivia Palermo x Ciaté London lipstick range are the true red, Velveteen (cool toned), and Praline, which is my kind of nude with its rosy brown base. The lipsticks are creamy and comfortable to wear (they contain hyaluronic acid and argan oil), and have a satin finish that looks lively and flattering with no actual shine. There's no detectable scent or taste, the lipsticks remain in place even without a liner (I do recommend one for Velveteen, since it's a classic red), and have a great pigment intensity. Velveteen leaves a longer lasting stain than the nude colors. I can tell you that Cashmere, a classic beige, and Truffle, a peachy beige, are too pale for me and look very similar on my lips. Wearing Velveteen or Praline, though is like picking the perfect accessory. I know it's the suggestive power of the spokesperson, but that's another proof that Ciaté couldn't have picked a better celebrity for this collaboration.

Bottom Line: flawless.

Olivia Palermo x Ciaté London Satin Kiss Lipsticks ($25 each, made in Italy) are available from Sephora.. There are also two sets of three colors ($60, a $75 value) that include either Velveteen+Truffle+Praline or Cashmere+Truffle+Praline. The products for this review were sent free of charge by the company's PR.


  1. I haven't given this makeup range a second glance before reading this post! The lipsticks and eyeshadow palette are really tempting me now!

    1. I'll have a review of the eye shadow palette soon :)

  2. Replies
    1. You probably do ;) It's a color that looks good on many skin tones and is also on trend right now.

  3. Last time I stopped at Kiko in Spain they had a nude makeup display. One of the lipstick colours was 612 strawberry pink in the velvet mat formulation, I purchased and I think it looks very similar to Praliné. I really like it, only that I have to use my nuxe balm underneath.

    1. Patricia, I use my Nuxe balm underneath many lipsticks, especially matte ones. It's such an essential.


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