Friday, October 30, 2015

FOTD: An Evening Look Featuring Colourpop, My Glasses And Kitty Kate

I've recreated the makeup look I wore last night. We went out to dinner with the husband's aunt and uncle who are visiting from Toronto. The location was casual (Graffiti Food & Wine Bar in the East Village), so I was wearing dark-washed jeans, but with a black silk lacy DVF blouse that was too ornate for earrings or a necklace. So all the color and light had to come from makeup. I was also going to wear my glasses, as I guessed correctly that the place was going to be very dark and the menu printed in secret fonts.

What you see here is an exact replica of last night's makeup, with a funky scarf (Mewingtons) to create interest instead of said blouse. I also upped the color a little, to make it more photo friendly. The focus was obviously on the eyes. I went with a completely neutral/nude lip, so I wouldn't have to worry about patches and lipstick on my cake and stuff. I also paid extra attention to skin and concealed it like it was my job, both before and after applying foundation.

too close for comfort

A thick layer of various snail creams with that Lauder New Dimension Shape+Fill Serum. No, I still don't have a verdict, but it's getting close.
Using a very damp Beauty Blender I concealed my questionable chin with Youngblood Ultimate Concealer in Medium (a lighter shade than what you see in my old review). If I were using it on top of foundation I would have gone at least one shade lighter.
Foundation: Don't hate me. I copied Lisa Eldridge and used Albion Gel Mask Foundation in 060, which one of the most perfect color and texture matches I've had in my life. It's magical, Japanese, as expensive as sin, and here in the US we can order from Amazon, which is what I did about six months ago. It's my favorite evening foundation and from the photos you can see the flashback isn't too bad (I would still avoid for bridal as it has SPF25).
Extra spot concealing was done with a liquid one by Tarte.
Setting powder was Laura Mercier, finishing powder the pressed Guerlain Meteorite in Mythic 01.

The usual NARS primer.
MAC Brule all over the lid and under the brow for a bright even surface.
Now you get to laugh at me. Last month I bough the Colourpop Forever Freshman eye shadow collection (it's now discounted at $24 for all six eye shadows). The name is ridiculous and I'm so obviously not the brand's target demographic, but I didn't care. These colors are stunning and I wanted to learn how to work with their unique texture. So what I did for this look was use the matte terracotta shade, Melrose, on the outer 2/3s  of the lid and extended the crease and outer v with it (it makes sense when you consider my glasses), and tapped a hint of the soft gold shimmer Crimper in the middle of the lid. The key to these eye shadows is to think about using a minimal amount like you would with anything crazy pigmented, and then use half of that. Unless you are the age of a freshman and then you can do and wear whatever you wat because you're gorgeous by definition.
Eyeliner was again the brown Makeup For Ever Aqualiner (I should buy half the line), and mascara was Estee Lauder Sumptuous something-or-other in black.

The discontinued Chantecaille Aqua blush in Charming. I have yet to find a good substitution, so when I finish it I will cry.

MAC lipliner in Whirl and lipstick in Velvet Teddy. I told you I went very basic with that. There was a thick layer of By Terry Rose Balm underneath, which did more good than the lip color.

P.S. my scent of the night was Stephane Humbert Lucas 777 Khol de Bahrein


  1. Just beautiful! And your hair looks so healthy and glossy, hard to believe you don't colour it. I envy you!

    1. Thanks, Ingrid. I can't claim any special skills here. Just genes.

  2. I love it !
    As Ingrid above said .... you have lovely hair!!!

    1. My mother and sister would kill me if I were to post their photo here, but we all have a very similar hair: log, thick, dark, and curly/wavy. My mom didn't start coloring her hair until she was in her early 50s.

  3. Love ColourPop's eyeshadows and the look you did does nicely emphasize your eyes!

    1. I'm very impressed with Colourpop. Just got a couple of their liners.

  4. I always enjoy your blog and this time I had to read it and look 3 times at your photos. Your skin and makeup are incredilby radiant and natural looking! Brava!

  5. Your complexion is just beautiful and you are how old? Damn! I haven't tried the Colourpop line but I've been tempted. I need to check out that foundation too. I appreciate the eyeglass look- Thanks.

    1. Thank you. My complexion here is a combination of all the snail stuff I've been slathering and a really good foundation. I'm going to turn 45 later this month and while I don't think that I look younger than that, I do my best to look like a healthy (and hopefully sane) forty-something. Occasionally it works.

  6. Such a great photo of you and sweet Kate!
    Your skin looks amazing and whatever that foundation cost, it's clearly worth it. And love the shape of your glasses - extremely flattering on your face. I need to get new reading glasses and am going to have to start trying on frames.
    Haven't even heard of the Colourpop line, but am going to go check them out. What I've already done is to go over to the Mewingtons site and order that scarf (on a massive sale - but almost all their stuff appears to be on sale). How is it that I didn't know about them?? Am restraining myself from ordering a lion or bunny costume for our children - mostly because I know I'd probably never get one on any of them (although our little dog might let me...).

    1. Ori would never let me dress up the critters. He claims Bob needs his dignity...
      I need a second pair of glasses. Mine are perpetually in the wrong room, in my purse, or under Sophie. I already know what i want, just need to make sure that they can fit with my prescription.

  7. Can't believe how young you look in this set of photographs. More like 30 than almost 45. Something's working extremely well! Forever Freshman...who's laughing now?

  8. You look wonderfull!!!! The FDT colour and consistance is just wright for you, better to have one expensive one that is wrigth then 30 lying around that are slightly wrong, something I learned also.
    You know what would be cute on you ? A small side fringe would probably make you look even younger (25 probably) and if it bothered you on occassion it could easily be combed back in again without anyone noticing. Jeezes, what a load of hair, you must be so proud, it' s almost like a cloak that fully dresses you.

  9. Been reading your blog for years, I love your fotd, it really puts the products into context. This whole look is stunning on you. Whatever you did, keep doing it. Your skin looks so fresh and glowing, and I love your glasses. I've never tried Colourpop but I'm on their site right now navigating the huge selection. Could you tell us more about the eyeshadows you used--pretty please? I'm confused by the "cream to powder" claims, is it like Chanel Illusion d'Ombre? Colourpop products are inexpensive so I guess it won't hurt to dive right in.
    It's funny, you always talk of your weird skin tone and yet here I see none of that, the subtle colors and the whole look just MELDS. Love!

  10. How did I miss this? Your efforts on your skin definitely paid off! You look lovely and I too appreciate the look for glasses. (LOL at the secret fonts.) And beautiful Kate! (Have to agree with Ori about dressing the critters, especially Bob. And who is your dog?) Went to get my car inspected on Friday and I only go to one place because they have a cat named Tabbo who looks quite a bit like Kate. He sleeps right in the middle of the counter in the garage amongst all the commotion and debris. And all the men that come in there just love him to death. I have to admire men that like cats.


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