Thursday, October 15, 2015

L'Occitane Conditioners: Three That Didn't Work

Long-time readers know that I swear by L'Occitane hair products. So much so that I've been accused of being covertly sponsored (I'm not). All of my hair staples are by L'Occitane: the Repairing shampoo and hair mask, the recently discontinued Shea Butter Ultra Rich Conditioner  (I'm in deep despair over this one and haven't found an adequate replacement yet), and the Shea Butter Fabulous Oil. But just as I love these products and rely on them, other L'Occitane items didn't work for me and my long thick and dry-prone hair.

Aromachologie Revitalizing Fresh Conditioner. I should have known from the emphasis on the conditioner's lightness in both descriptions and reviews that this is not the one for me. If your hair is fine and not very long, this should be a good match. But if your locks require ample nourishment stay away. My hair ended up looking and feeling starved.

Jenipapo Conditioner. This one has been recently discontinued (as in the last couple of weeks), and I'm not surprised. I bought it because the scent was summery and the Brazilian reference seemed cheerful. But the conditioner did absolutely nothing for my hair. And I really really tried: left in for over 20 minutes, wrapped my conditioned hair in a hot towel to create a steaming effect, combined it with a scalp mask. Nothing. I still needed a heavy helping of hair oil afterwords.

Aromachologie Radiance and Color Care Conditioner. It was totally my fault. I got a GWP travel size of this line and didn't realize it was not my regular Repairing conditioner. My hair isn't colored, but I still hoped for extra radiance, something like a hair glaze. Not even close. The conditioner is very gentle (same goes for the shampoo, which I didn't hate), but I have a feeling that colored hair needs more than that, as does my own hair. Again, not enough hydration, and no help in detangling.

Bottom Line; Whatever. Please, L'Occitane, bring back the Shea Butter Conditioner. I'm begging.


  1. I am obsessive about condittioner. I have two recommendations for you if you are in search of good ones. One is an old standby that I've been using for a while, it's intended as a mask, but I use it whenever I wash my hair ( a few times a week) it's the Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Masque- comes in a green and brown tub. I slather it on quite generously and my hair just drinks it up and is left shiny and silky. Then once a month or so I use Olaplex Hair Perfector no. 3 which you apply to damp unwashed hair and let sit for a while (or overnight) then shampoo and condition as usual. It's really great. You can get it on Amazon. I HATE conditioners that don't ...condition! I want my hair nourished and moisturized, not left feeling like dry toast! Both of these leave it shiny and healthy feeling, and not heavy or greasy. I think you'd like them.

    1. Thanks, Sarah. I wrote them down and will do some shopping next time I need more hair products. They sound excellent.

    2. You are most welcome! Hope they work out.


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