Monday, March 28, 2016

Colourpop Crème Gel Liners: DLTA & Fast Lane

Colourpop is quickly becoming a favorite treat: stunning colors, delectable textures, made in the US and shockingly cheap. That's the case with their two forms of gel eyeliner, a thin retractable pencil and a cream-gel in a pot. Each color comes in both versions, and I'm not sure I can say which one I prefer. They're both wonderfully soft and easy to apply, richly pigmented with a sophisticated finish (most are matte, a few are metallic), set quickly, and last for as long as you need it.

The pencil is perfect for use on the waterline and it's ideal for travel, since it takes minimal space and frees you from the need to pack a brush. It is very soft, so one needs to be careful not to break the tip (don't expose too much of the product at one go). The pot version is slightly creamier but also sets quickly, and works well for more elaborate designs as well as for the most basic thin lines or tightlining.

The "rain" is drawn with Fast Lane pencil, while the "bird" with the gel in the pot. Obviously, on your eyes you'd use a thinner brush.

The first colors I picked from this Colourpop range were DLTA and Fast Lane. DLTA is a gorgeous navy blue, while Fast Lane is a dark teal that leans more green than blue. They're fun colors that are still easy to wear while creating a visual interest. Colourpop offers both more traditional black and various browns as well as pink, yellow, and pastel shades for the more creative among us. I've got my eye on the metallic bronze of Over Board as my next purchase, and maybe the cool brown of Stomper.

Bottom Line; I'm in love.

Colourpop Crème Gel Liners (pencils $5 each, pots $6 each, all are made in the US) can be purchased from


  1. I did not need to know that these are good ;)
    I love their lippies and these look gorgeous!

  2. Will check these out: "super cheap" my favorite words to hear when talking about quality cosmetics.

    Really, though, I am writing to say I love your drawing! *gives blue ribbon for fun-ness*

    Bloomington, IN

  3. This post reminded me of how much I love your drawings!

  4. Wow, I need to check these out!

  5. Both colors look simply gorgeous, and would be perfect for a summery look with a touch of bronze shadow. Must run to the website and shop!

  6. Thanks...I will be ordering a few of these!


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