Monday, April 25, 2016

Quarterly Perfume Statistics- According to Basenotes

It's time for a quarterly evaluation of my "Most Worn" statistics as logged on Basenotes. Since my previous post I've been more diligent in entering my scents of the day, so I'm pretty sure I haven't missed more than one or two, which shouldn't affect the tally.

What do we have here?

As you can see, the top four spots haven't changed, even though I've tried not to overdo it with Shalimar. I'm also pretty sure that at least one of the SotD logging that I missed was, indeed, a Shalimar. so the blue stopper lady is still the queen of all things.

Classic No.5 and its offspring switched places, probably within the last couple of weeks. I've reached for vintage No.5 more since getting the body oil. I see more of this happening throughout the warm seasons. Meanwhile, Chanel No.19 has dropped two places, and apparently I haven't worn it at all since late January. Why do I feel guilty?

Three perfumes have entered the Most Worn list. My beloved cheap treat, Oro by Cavalli, which shouldn't surprise anyone. I keep the bottle at eye level in the cabinet closest to my bed. Is it because I want an easy access or do I wear it so much because it's right there? Either way, it's much loved.

Then we have the fabulous Ilang Ivohibe by Parfumerie Generale. I probably should write a fuller review revisiting this gem, since it's become my favorite PG of the moment. I should also figure out how to pronounce its name.

The last entrance into the top ten belongs to the Le Labo's Paris exclusive Vanille 44. I have  decants of this perfume stashed in various locations around the house, and have finished the one in my overnight bag. Is this my favorite Le Labo perfume? I'm not sure. It used to be Santal 33 or Labdanum 18, but somehow the fuzzy vanilla that I still think is overpriced has become a go-to perfume. Not a good financial move.

 Have you started wearing a perfume more often than you expected? Any new obsessions?

Photograph by John Paul Pennebaker for Marshall Fields, ca. 1934


  1. For the last month-plus, since the weather got warmer, I can't seem to get enough of Bvlgari's The Bleu, which I'd put aside during the winter. And, following your post on the body oil--which I've since purchased--Chanel No 5 (and Eau Premiere) has been in high rotation.

  2. No question that I've been completely obsessive about Chamade - have going through gallons of it in edt, pdt and parfum (all vintage). Am wondering what the current version is like and I think I'm going to go ahead and order a sample from TPC (am assuming they have it), but am worried it might be a major disappointment. Also have been going through a substantial amount of Liu and Caron Narcisse Noir pdt (am realizing that the Caron pdt formulations aren't really as wonderful as the ones from Guerlain, but even slightly less than perfect NN still smells like heaven to me). Oh, and have been seriously lowering levels in my bottles of Rubj, Calandre, MdO Jabu, Oiro and Vetyver (definitely on an MdO binge - such stunning scents).

  3. Well, here's my list in order, I think:
    1. Chanel Cuir de Russi
    2. Madonna Truth or Dare
    3. Bond 9 I NY for All
    4. Chanel No 5 parfum
    5. Tilda Swinton Like This
    6. Clean Reserve Amber Saffron (like you, I have samples of this all over the house)

    I'm trying to find a theme or common thread, but I give up.
    And since the weather is getting better, I've optimistically pulled out Guerlain Terracotta - I can't wait to start spraying this old friend.


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