Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Strobe Cosmetics Eye Shadows- Part 2

As promised, here's a look at the rest of the Strobe Cosmetics eye shadows I bought. I got eleven in total, and my previous post showed the first six. I've already discussed the beautiful textures and excellent performance of Strobe eye shadows (and how much I hope to see some matte options soon), so let's get into the rest of the colors. Please note that I included Timber Wolf again for comparison to the other two brown shades in this group.

All swatches were done over completely dry (parched, actually)  skin that hasn't seen a moisturizer in hours.

Timber Wolf is slightly more coppery than the other two. It also feels slightly softer/creamier to the touch, but all three apply the same. Bearded Lady is a darker and more intense version of Timber Wolf in a semi-matte finish. The best I can describe it is that it's further on the brown axis. Glen Cocoa is the cooler shade of the three, perfect for lining and intensifying the outer V, while brightening the eye with its satin shimmer finish.

Monster Among Us is a green/brown duo-chrome. I'm a sucker for this pigment but have to warn you that you absolutely must use a good tacky primer underneath. Not because of dryness: Monsters is actually very buttery, but because the color loses its intensity otherwise, and morphs into a more pronounced brown with a faint green glimmer. Applied right, by patting the color on and not over-blending, this is a stunner.

Royale is a pink sand. Depending on the light it can look slightly more brown(ish) or like a rose gold, while Checking In? is a golden olive green. I've used both as a bright spot in the middle of the lid, amd have also blended Checking In? onto a beige base to enliven an otherwise neutral look. I'm pretty sure I haven't even begun to tap into these eye shadows' potential.

Strobe Cosmetics single eye shadows are $6.50 each, made in USA in small batches, so certain colors get sold out and are out of stock until replenished again. It's for the best, I guess, giving us time to slowly collect as many of them as we wish.

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  1. There are so many beautiful colors - I do love the Royale and Checking in. What beauties!


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