Monday, April 11, 2016

Strobe Cosmetics eye Shadows- Part 1

I've mentioned Strobe Cosmetics before as an example for niche makeup brands that are made in the USA. I discovered them a few months ago while doing some digging to answer a reader's question, and was instantly drawn not just to the colors but also to Strobe's mission statement. I placed the order within minutes and waited with bated breath to have the stunning sparkly things in my possession. They did not disappoint. I got eleven single pans (they also offer pre-designed palettes, but I preferred to pick and choose), and can already tell that it's just the beginning. They're irresistible.

The texture of strobe eye shadows is very soft. They got slightly dinged as I transferred them from their individual packaging to the cute Z-Palette I saved for them (available from amazon). It taught me to be careful and not to dig in too much with my brushes. There's no need: pigmentation is at an almost sci-fi level and you don't want to overload your brushes. I pat the colors down, blend the edges and stare at my eye makeup with awe. Since the current collection is all shimmer-gleam-satin I add a matte color to bring the look together (anything goes: I've worked with several Viseart mattes, any of the Tarte ones from various palettes, Le Metier Clay or Canvas, and assorted old Bobbi Brown mattes). I've heard that Chloe, the force behind Strobe Cosmetics, is planning on adding matte eye shadows and I cannot wait to try. In the meantime, the shimmery jewels of the current line are thrilling enough.

The eye shadows sit on skin beautifully. The softness I mentioned above is nearly creamy, making blending easy and fun. I use primers, of course, and the colors maintain their luster and intensity all day/night long, until I remove them. The sheen is flattering and brightens up the eyes. These eye shadows look and perform like their most expensive competition. Only they're not.

Here's a first batch of colors (I'll post the rest next week):
Room 64- a complex brownish brass. Unique enough to be the center of a makeup look.
Fortune Cookie- a warm golden metallic pastry color, more yellow gold than the swatch on the website.
Timber Wolf- a warm chocolaty brown that leans just a bit rust in a semi-matte texture that's different than the other ones. It's gone from the website, so I have no idea what's up with it.
Strongman- a cooler taupier-mauve variation on Room 64 with a more intense sheen.
Alchemy- the deepest emerald going-on-teal, like a tropical lagoon in one's fantasy.
Sea of Ghosts. There's nothing like this duo-chrome aqua blue and gold. Stunning. Just one small pat over a flat base in the middle of the lid elevates the look.

Bottom Line: My Z-Palette has room for a lot more.

Strobe Cosmetics eye Shadows ($6.50 each, made in USA) are available from They're made in small batches (this is a tiny company), so colors go out and back into stock frequently.


  1. Nice, hope Chloe can send to Norway so I can try them too. I am a total eyeshadow junkie.

  2. I need Sea of Ghosts in my life.


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